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Jun 13, 2007 07:21 AM

8 girls - Cobble Hill dinner

Help me out. I am looking for a place for dinner to go with my bridesmaids in cobble hill. We are going to go for dinner and drinks and then meet up with my fiancee and hang out at a bar in cobble hill. Looking for a restaurant that will take a reservation for a Saturday night and not be too loud (i.e. no joya). Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Chestnut has at least one table that would accommodate 8. Not sure about the inside of Patois, but the back garden has a large table, too (or used to -- haven't been there in years). Both are relatively quiet, tho. the food at Chestnut is better, IMHO.

    1. I think Lunetta has a big enough table in the patio area for a table of 8 and the food is excellent. I dont know if they could do 8 indoors and it can be a little noisy inside there anyway.

      Convivium (not quite Cobble Hill but walking distance on a nice evening) has a big table downstairs that could fit 8 and I can think of a nicer celebration place in the area, such a beautiful dining room down there.

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          i think lunetta could be a fun idea - very delicious, my only concern is that it might not be celebratory enough. what about savoia on smith, or patois could be nice too. also could see about the new po on smith street...

          on court, you could try lobo for fun mexican (good sized garden) or cube 63 if you all like japanese. also, i think frankie's 457 would be great as well, and is pretty consistenly delicious, i think they can fit a large group outside.

          jolie on atlantic is one more idea. maybe a little too datey for 8 girlfriends though?

        2. I walked by Food for People. Never been. Any takes on it? A friend said it might be a good idea.