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Jun 13, 2007 07:08 AM

Where to buy lobster?

Hey all,

I'm planning to make lobster tonight for my boyfriend and myself. I'm a New Englander, so I'm a total lobster snob. Where's the best place in the city (ideally in Chelsea or the Village) to buy the little guys?

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  1. Chelsea Market has the Lobster Box or is it called the Lobster Place? They sell lobsters. They also have a location on Bleecker.

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    1. re: pixee22

      There is an excellent Chinese lobster wholesaler open to the public on the east side of Centre St just south of Grand St.

      1. re: pixee22

        The Lobster Place gets my vote as well. Great quality.



        1. re: Nosher

          I third the Lobster Place-- the best!

          1. re: jdream

            Hi. West Coaster (but total lobster lover) here. Just curious --
            -- What IS a lobster snob? Is the lobster really better there on the east coast? Is there a difference in taste, even with the ones we get here in the tanks at the grocery store? What are we missing????

            1. re: aurora50

              Lobster Place in chelsea market. dont forget to get some lobster bisque too.

              1. re: aurora50

                "Is the lobster really better there on the east coast?"

                Well, since the clawed lobster is an Atlantic Ocean animal I would say so. Certainly fresher. They are never as good after they've been kept in a tank for any serious length of time and will lose meat volume.

                1. re: jsmitty

                  i have to second the china town/little italy place south of grand. this place has a huge selection and the prices are discounted. Every size is available, and it's been our goto for years.