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Jun 13, 2007 06:54 AM

Last-minute Beach suggestions?

This message only applies until 12:30 noon today, Wed. June 13 (Chowhound monitors please delete after then). A son wants to take his father for a light lunch in the Beaches today because he's not available this Sunday, Fathers Day. Today's a scorcher so some cool place is much preferred. Sorry this is so last minute. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you're looking for bistro fare, I love ViVetha, at the far east end of the beaches. Great food, and very inexpensive. I haven't been for lunch, although brunch and dinner have been excellent.

    2485 Queen Street East

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      I second ViVetha. Then you can walk a few blocks west and get a scoop of yummy ice cream at Ed's.

    2. Pomegranate at Queen and Beech has good food. Not sure how cool it is in there.

      1. I'd like to thank you for your suggestions before this thread disappears. (Note to Chowhound monitors - could you extend its lifespan to around 1:30 pm today please?)
        I think I'll recommend ViVetha to the father and son, for several reasons. It's at the end of the Beaches closest to where the father lives. It's had many accolades, here at Chowhound and elsewhere on the web. And the prices are reasonable. I'll post the father and son's comments afterwords. I really appreciate your prompt replies to this last-minute query. Chowhounds rock!

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          The Father and son have returned from lunch. The father reports:

          "My son and I found ViVetha more than lived up to its expectations. We ate on the front patio at a table that was in the hot sun when we arrived. But the server obligingly extended the canopy so it was covered in shade. All we had to do was keep our hands off the zinc table for a few minutes - it was like a hot plate - and I substituted a chair with a cooler seat! We both ordered simply - the deluxe ground beef burger with an amazing array of fixings - special sauce, sliced orange & pineapple, salad, onion etc., all for $7. My son commented that you'd only get the burger and fries for that price anywhere else. The server was helpful and personable, and enjoyed seeing a printout of your Chowhound posts. The total bill for two including two imported beer was $30! Needless to say it was a perfect choice for a pre-Fathers-Day lunch - and we'll be back."

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            The father reported their success at ViVetha to his wife, so yesterday she and a friend had lunch there. His wife had the wild mushroom salad and the friend had the "luau" salad, with strips of beef. Both were excellent - generous portions with exquisite dressing. Score two more regular customers for ViVetha!

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              I'm very happy to see things worked out!

              1. re: Kasumeat

                They worked out with bells on! Thanks again from the father, son and his mother - and from me - to you and the other posters for steering us in the right direction. Another plus is that the son has now bookmarked Chowhound!

        2. Just a note - regardless of the original poster's request that we remove this thread after a certain time, we will be leaving it up as it may help others eat better in the Beaches in the future.