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Jun 13, 2007 06:53 AM

Tre Scalini?

Hi! I read Craig LaBan's review of Tre Scalini on Sunday and decided to book a reservation for tonight since I haven't been there yet and it's been on my list for years. Has anyone been to the restaurant since the move? Any recommendations from my fellow Chowhounds? Any appetizers that would be good to share? Any entrees that we should try? Thanks!

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  1. We've been there several times since the move.
    Our favorite appetizers: the seafood in a broth - can't remember what it's called, but it's always a special - is my husband's favorite. Another that's always a special is the broccoli rabe on grilled polenta - delicious. I like their Caesar salad - not huge, but very tasty.
    All the pastas are delicious. If you like mushrooms, the one with three mushrooms is one of their specialties - also, there is usually a special with pappardelle, always terrific.
    For entrees, we love their veal chop or veal tenders. The veal tenders are thick filets, very tender and juicy. They are really good with veal.
    We haven't tried some of the ones that Laban mentioned, but it's hard to get away from that veal.
    It does get noisy there. Also, it's BYOB, as you probably know.
    Let us know how you like it!