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Jun 13, 2007 06:51 AM

Summerlicious 2007

The menus for (most of) the restaurants for this year's Summerlicious has been posted! Share your experiences here, and look for recommendations.

From my previous experiences with the Licious festivals:

Romagna Mia - Excellent food, and lunch portions that would have been generous for dinner. Service not so great, but I will definitely be back for the food!
Thuet - The worst dining experience I've had in years. Terrible service, awful food, the absolute tiniest portions I've ever had (including 7-course meals), horrible floor layout (coat check and washrooms and hostess station all share a narrow hallway!), long wait outside of peak hours, refusal to acknowledge complaints, I could go on. I have never been as disgusted with a restaurant as Thuet. Avoid at all costs.
Celestin - Delicious, memorable food. Great foie gras. A must.

This is what I'm considering this year. Does anybody have any experience with the Licious events at these places? Are there any hidden gems I should be considering?

Bymark - Lunch and Dinner both look fantastic. Definitely on my list.
Canoe - Reservation pending. . . .
Globe Bistro - Lunch worth going to for Summerlicious? Or just stick with the regular menu?
I'm considering all of the following restaurants since they all have very good reputations, but how do they fare for the Licious meals?
Mildred Pierce
Zucca Tratoria

As you can see, I have quite a list to narrow down. Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I did the lunch at Bymark one year and it was fantastic. Highly recommended.

    I do not recommend The Drake (not that you have it on your list, but still...) because I am sick of the cheap food they serve (the last couple of times I've been there for a Licious meal I've been served some kind of braised/stewed tough cut of beef -- yummy, yes, but for $35?) and the snobby service. The Drake also does a real hard upsell on the menu, offering a $45 fixed price meal as well. They really try pushing that one on you.

    I'm eager to do dinner at Mildred Pierce as well. And of course, if I can get into Canoe (at a time other than a 2:30 weekday lunch service) I will!

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      I was thinking about trying Centro...I have not been to the Drake but I have been to Thuets and for Brunch I heard it was one of the best in town. As for Summerlicious I have as yet to experience it but Kasumeat I'm sorry I think I'll have to test those Thuet waters my self, as I can't see being disappointed..I'll let you know

      1. re: Tristan00

        I tried Centro and it is highly not recommended. In fact, it was really bad.

    2. I agree with chyxx, Bymark was by far one of the best I've been to for both lunch and dinner!

      1. Went to Zucca for Licious a while back. Three of us got the Licious prix fixe, the fourth ordered a pasta from the regular menu. He got a much bigger portion of something he really wanted to eat, and his meal ended up costing only a couple of bucks more than the others. And he didn't leave hungry, as the rest of us did.

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          Paese for lunch...$15....its a small restaurant located on bathust north of wilson. We had such a good meal that we will be going back again this summer. My friends and I enjoyed a great meal at Flow, Far Niete and Vertical. The only so-so meal we had was at Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons. Hopefully this year, we will attempt to get into Bymark and Canoe...the line is for-ever busy!!

          1. re: estragon

            if value is important, just go to Zucca for their pasta special. I think it's Sun - Tues for $22, you get a 3 course meal w/ pasta as your main.

            1. re: estragon

              You also have to look at the cost and preparation time of pasta vs mains~ anyway, tried zucca this past saturday and it was a great night~ Ordered the fresh herb & onion flan and stuffed zucchini blossoms for apps from the licious menu. Also ordered spanich stuffed gnocchi from the regular menu~ oh my god, all apps were SO amazingly preped!!!

              For the mains, my SO and I had roasted guinea hen and wild bc sockeye salmon. The sauces compliment the meat extremely well. After desserts, we were both stuffed (ok, we have smaller appetite than avg people, i guess). The $35 menu is well worth it~

            2. I think Mrs. Sippi and I will be partaking this summer. We never have before. I'm looking at Milagro and Trappers. The words "Double smoked bacon" are always a calling for me.


              1. My picks this summer are:

                Corner House
                Auberge du Pommier
                La Maquette
                The Fifth

                The first two have been consistently delicious for us in past 'Licious years, and the other three are newbies I'm trying for the first time.