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Jun 13, 2007 06:38 AM

Le Colonial - Beware Ripoff

Had a group of 12 from work out for drinks and appetizers at Le Colonial. Bill came. Menu said gratuity of 20% included for large parties. When I looked at the bill I realized the tip included was too high. Turns out they had included 22% and claimed it was a computer malfunction. You wouldnt think that at $12/drink they would need to rip you off for an extra couple of percent. Sleazebags like this should not be patronized.

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  1. Or maybe they just made a mistake. When you pointed out the error, what did they do to correct it?

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    1. re: Alex Halsey

      they claimed it was automatically done by their computer. no apology. they reran my credit card and reduced it to 20%. Hard to think it was a mistake. My guess is their cash register is programmed to put in 22% as the default and they just steal 2% more on every large party they serve.