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Jun 13, 2007 06:36 AM

Where to eat near Belmont and Clark/Halsted

My fiancee and I will be moving to Chicago (from Manhattan) soon and we will be living in the Belmont/Clark/Halsted area. Please tell us where we should dine nearby. Walking distance would be ideal but we will also have a car.

I'm look forward to hearing about upscale restaurants as well as local dives. Please tell me about good delivery options as well. We eat everything. We love all sorts of ethnic food but we also like good old American pub food. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Welcome to Chicago!
    I used to live up in that area, and my favorite restaurant by far was Ping Pong, up north on Broadway. Great asian food at reasonable prices. They've tripled in size since I moved from the area and are no longer BYOB. Still great food! They also have a sister sushi restaurant across the street that's wonderful. In addition, check out Orange for brunch and Mia Francesco for great Italian (both on Clark north of Belmont)

    1. Welcome! My suggestion (and I don't mean this in a snippy way) is to read the board here :) Check around, and you'll find a LOT that covers just what you are asking - which is, after all, amazingly broad. Kind of like saying "I'll be living near NYU, tell me where to eat nearby but I'm also willing to take the subway to go somewhere - and it can be any price" ;)

      If you can narrow your question a bit you'll probably get better results (and again, browse through the board and read a bunch).

      Also check out for a slightly different focus on eating in Chicago. Lots of us hang out on this board and on that one too.

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        Leek, thanks for the response. I don't take it as snippy, in fact I've said the same to many people that post on the NY board. I guess that the difference is that I see Chicago and NY as being different (and please correct me if I'm wrong) based on distances and the reintroduction of driving instead of just walking. Walking a mile or two in Manhattan allows one to cover numerous neighborhoods but in Chicago it doesn't seem to be the case. In NYC people are very neighborhood focused whereas in Chicago those neighborhood borders seem vague. I guess my point is that I'm used to not having to walk more than a couple of blocks to get everything I need and I was hoping that some locals could tell me what they like in the immediate vicinity. Speaking of, what grocery stores do people recommend nearby? I will be sure to share my experience on this site as we are very excited to explore this new area.

        Also thanks for recommending that other site, I will certainly check it out. Do you have any other recommendations for Chicago sites that discuss food, dining, nightlife, and various other events?

        1. re: Hatori Hanzo

          For certain sections of Chicago, walking will take you past a lot of places to eat, but you're right I guess that our neighborhood borders are vague and perhaps larger areas. Plus a lot of areas are more mixed, with shops right next to restaurants. I'm not nearly as familiar with food in your new 'hood because it's so busy over there I tend not to go over unless I have to (and if there's a Cubs' game? Forget it!) - though I am often at the Petco on Halsted just S. of where it crosses Clark (as a volunteer).

          So, over toward that way, but not quite there, I like TAC for Thai (byo) - check out the specials board, Tango Sur for Argentine steak (byo), Vinci for Italian. There are so many pubs that you'll have to find which one you like the best :) Many of them have college affiliations, I'm told the Globe is very good if you are into Soccer.

          1. re: Hatori Hanzo

            On Belmont about half a block west of Clark is Ann Sather's, a neighborhood article of faith with Swedish homestyle food, big breakfasts, and great cinnamon rolls. On Clark just north of Belmont (3345 N Clark) is PS Bangkok that has a vast Thai Sunday brunch buffet. Chicago is laid out on a grid with a major street every six blocks; every major street has a bus line. The next major street north of Belmont is Addison, and just before Addison on Broadway you will find both a Jewel (big supermarket) and a Treasure Island (slightly fancier supermarket but not as big as Jewel). On Broadway just above Addison a WholeFoods (expensive organic supermarket) is now being built. Almost next door to Ann Sather's is the Red Line (EL/subway) Belmont station so you can conveniently get all over very fast, for example on Saturday mornings head in direction of Dan Ryan and get off at Clark & Division for an excellent farmers' market on Division Street (better as the summer progresses and local vegetables show up there). Go online to CTA Chicago for public transportation information. We are very much a city of neighborhoods; yours is called Lakeview although its pet name is Boystown. And you'll find the city very walkable. Welcome to Chicago.

        2. Jack's on Halsted is really great on that corner. That Boystown area doesn't have a ton of standout restaurants, but lots of gay-centric neighborhoods seem to have that problem. This is all my opinions, but I say take a pass on Yoshi's. HB is really good and the price fixe wednesday is a great deal. Socca I have just done once, but really enjoyed it. Stay away from Kit Kat Lounge and Supper Club. That's some of the walking distance places.

          1. There's a terrific Lebanese restaurant about 5 blocks south called Fattoush. Their dinner combos with toum are not to be missed. It's become our favorite spot for Middle Eastern food in the area, if not the city.

            New York Deli is about 3 blocks south on Clark and has pretty good sandwiches, the "apprentice" in particular.

            I'm a fan of PS Bangkok for delivery thai although others might disagree. Their ram currey is great

            Dunlay's at Wrightwood and Clark (about 6 blocks south) has terrific bar food with their club sandwich being really darn good.

            2652 N Halsted St
            (773) 327-2652

            New York Deli
            2921 N Clark St
            (773) 549-3328

            PS Bangkok Restaurant
            3345 N Clark St
            (773) 871-7777

            Dunlays on Clark
            2600 N Clark St
            (773) 883-6000

            1. If you walk north on Clark, there's a ton of restaurants, including the aforementioned Mia Francesca, which offers really cheap, tasty Italian food. Not fancy and it packs them in, so be prepared to wait if you show up after 6 or so. A bit further north is Matsuya, another real value for Japanese food and sushi. There's also Ethiopian and Mexican, but they're pretty mediocre. Then there's two blocks of really obnoxious Cub-oriented bars, with Goose Island Brewery plunked in the middle. It has really decent pub grub, including good fish and chips.

              A block above Wrigley, there are a couple of nice little bistros.

              On Belmont, near the El, there's Ann Sather's, a Swedish breakfast place (it serves all day, but it's known for its breakfasts).

              And south of Belmont on Clark, there are small and good Chinese (Yen's, I think), sushi, Mexican, and The Duke of Perth, a great Scottish pub with fantastic fish and chips (all you can eat on Wed. and Fri.). A bit further south, in the Landmark theater building (Chicago's best movies, IMO) is Eatzi's, a combo specialty grocery and takeout restaurant with a great cheese shop and other stuff.

              And if you go a bit further south, past Diversey, it's restaurant row, with Vietnamese, Jewish deli, more sushi, a Viennese bakery, noodle shops, and at the corner of Fullerton, Hema's Kitchen, a great Indian place.

              All easy walking distance. 10-15 minutes, mostly.

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              1. re: Pete Oldtown

                I am looking for a particular Belmont-Halsted restaurant that probably no longer exists. It was called J and J's and it was a Greek restaurant I believe. The short of it is that my birth father owned it in the 1950's. Would like to find out more....

                John Kornfeind