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Jun 13, 2007 06:26 AM

Best bakery for a whole wheat sandwich loaf?

I'm looking for a Boston area bakery that does a really good whole wheat bread for sandwiches. I sometimes pick up a loaf of Iggy's or Pain D'Avignon's 7-grain breads from Whole Foods, which are good, but I'm looking for some other suggestions. Newton/Waltham/Watertown area is best, but I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!.

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  1. For something good and 'whole-grainy' I like When Pigs Fly breads, specifically their Whole Wheat and what they refer to as 'Low Carb' (just more whole grains and no honey/sweetener).
    They sell at Boston area farmer's markets and I've also seen their bread in Shaw's - they're based in Maine.

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      Their NY Rye also comes in a square loaf....WPF is at all Whole Foods, as well as Shaw's...I haven't seen them at any farmer's markets, tho; where have you seen them?

      1. re: galleygirl

        They come to the Dewey Square one - right in front of South Station. Worth the trip - everything is very fresh, and they give samples of all the crazy flavors!