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Inwood - Washington Heights Hounds Dining Guide recs?

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We picked up the Manhattan Times' "Dining Guide 2007" at Grampa's Pizza (love their "all white" and the greek salad's a great deal, BTW). Curious about the following listings:

Amy's Restaurant (586 W. 207th)

Fibe Bistro (4055 B'way near W. 171)

La Estufa (5035 B'way near W. 214)

Little Apple (537 W. 207)

OC Bakery and Cafe (Edward Morgan Pl/Edgecombe Ave at W 158)

Terra Cafe (7 Henshaw, open mostly 4-11pm)

Tipico Dominicano (B'way & W. 177th)

All feedback, recs welcome.

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  1. There are a number of WaHi/Inwood posts on here that are fairly recent. I have personally posted one for O.C. Bakery (I highly recommend them if you want something light -- soup, sandwich, pastries. Everything I've had there is really good.) I haven't hear a buzz about the other places but you may dig up something by doing a search on here.

    1. Fibe used to be called something else and although I have never been, every time I walk by it is empty! As far as the OC Bakery, I have only been for breakfast pastries and have repeatedly been disappointed. Most recently, I bought a fresh cherry danish still warm from the oven and expected buttery flaky goodness. Instead I got yeasty dinner roll with cherries on top. The pastry was so yeasty, I had to throw it away. And I never throw away food!

      Amy's Restaurant - the Chinese place, right? They are pretty good, but not spectacular, but definitely better than your uptown fried rice and chicken wing spots.

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        Thanks, UF--I hadn't seen your OC post.
        Appreciate the feedback pixee22. Extra curious about La Estufa--it got high marks on a neighborhood survey but don't know anyone who's been. Didn't see any of the others mentioned on CH, except for sandwiches at Terra Cafe.
        Will keep snooping around. Hope you do, too!

      2. My husband and I ate at La Estufa last week. It was great food for a great price. The only thing comparable in the neighborhood is Garden Cafe, which is good too. The place touts itself as a Italian-American restaurant, but it's really more eclectic with Latin touches. I had pesto pasta with shimp, which was very rich and tasty. There were only four jumbo shrimp in it, but what do you want for $14? The pasta was cooked just right. My husband had the steak with yuca fries, which at a friend's sugestion he ordered well done and they were just right. I've heard the squash soup is excelent along with the sorbet, but we just didn't have room for it. Lots of fresh ingredients and many organic items. We had a nice bottle of wine for $30. The service was friendly and attentive. Our server was a little in experienced (had trouble opening the wine), but that helped add to the unpretentious quality of the place. The place is small and was busy on a Friday night. It's the kind of place you could go with friends, take a date or bring your parents. It's caught on pretty fast and I'm hoping it doesn't get too popular. It's nice to go somewhere cool and close by and not have to wait for a table.

        1. I like Hispaniola (181st) very much. For churrasco, I think no one does it better than El Conde on B'way. Tipico used to have a fantastic seafood salad, but I have not been there in quite a while (I'm not a big fan of the atmosphere). I have eaten a Bleu Evolution (187th near Ft. Wash.) a couple of times, and found it a bit better than passable (not great), but I like that the place is really funky and different, and there aren't too many options for good European food in the area.

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            Just had dinner a couple nights ago at Dykeman Express, a Dominican place at Dykeman and Nagle. The service is great, and the skirt steak in mushroom sauce that I had was delicious. Beers (Presidente) also came ice cold, which I appreciated since it's been hot lately-