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Jun 13, 2007 04:15 AM

Perry Street

Has anyone been? Any comments either good or bad? Thinking of going for dinner? TIA

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  1. One of my friends went recently. The comments on Perry Street are so mixed it is off my list. Diners either seem to have issues with the food (my friend's situation) or the service. I'd love to see a recent review too.

    1. I really enjoyed Perry St. The ambiance is great, service impeccable. The food is clean and fresh, not overly creative but solid.

      1. I recently had a great meal at Perry Street. The atmosphere is wonderful, service freindly, and the food was excellent. It is one of my favorite spots. You will be happy.

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          Had lunch at Perry St. last year during Rest. Wk...never the perfect barometer for a rest, but class is class, and care is care, and the rest. showed course was under-heated, bread was stale, many of the course weren't integrated....not a fan.

        2. I've been for lunch and thought it was very good. That was back around Feb or Mar

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          1. re: Lucia

            I too have had lunch there, several times, and it was wonderful.

          2. One of my favorite lunches I have had, for sure. The tuna burger was amazing and the chocolate souffle is a must. If you are looking to just check it out, I might reccomend doing lunch instead of dinner if possible - their $25 pre-fixe is one of the best deals in the city. And I found the service to be great; they let us linger for about two hours and were highly attentive.