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Jun 13, 2007 03:48 AM

Can I survive a move from Manhattan to Pittsburgh?

Help! I would appreciate any suggestions for restaurants that will convince me to move with my husband of 30 years from Manhattan to Pittsburgh. Can a person who lives across the street from Per Se and down the street from Fairway, Citarella and Zabar's find happiness west of the Hudson? Can anyone tell me about the restaurant/ food scene in Pittsburgh?

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  1. I live in Manhattan - visited Pittsburgh for a family funeral last year, so we didn't really eat out at all, but I did get a chance to visit an area - I'm sure local hounds will pitch in with the name - that had wonderful Italian markets, butchers and a Penzey's - lots of interesting chow/ingredients. My impression also is that Pittsburgh has become a much more sophisticated food city than it was 20/30 years ago - but that is an anecdotal impression from things I've read, etc.

    1. While I do not know that I could survive from Philly to Pittsburgh (mostly because of the Steelers, I guess), just remember, there is good and bad in all places. You will not have NY level dining, but you can have good chow. Its up to you to make of it what you will. My last time there I had a great meal at a Indian-French fusion place that totally blew me away. Never expected that in Pittsburgh.

      1. Pittsburgh has some great dining and the area that MMRuth is referring to is the Strip District. It's wonderful. There are a wide range of good restaurants covering all price ranges and ethnicity. I would recommend ELEVEN, BONA TERRA, CASBAH, DISH, LIDIA's, NINE ON NINE, KAYA, TYPHOON, GIRASOLE and SOBA for finer dining. And you have to try TESSARO's for the best burger you've ever had and PAMELA's, DeLUCA's and JOJO's for obscene breakfasts. There are numerous grills, diners and bars for casual food. Shopping in the Strip for produce, meats, seafood, etc. is a must. The big grocery store chain in this area is Giant Eagle. Some are better than others though we're lucky to have WHOLE FOODS and TRADER JOES. Pittsburgh is a wonderful place. The people are incredibly fun and friendly and it's VERY affordable to live here. I hope you both like football because this town is all about the STEELERS!!!

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          Thank you, Oliver! I'm looking forward to trying your suggestions and thank you for your enthusiasm. And, one of us likes football---he's originally from Nebraska!

        2. I survived a move from Manhattan to Reading (admittedly, I still get my hair done in NYC, but that's a different discussion board). It's not so bad, you just have to look around and try a few things.

          1. We moved from DC to Pittsburgh 10 years ago. The restaurant scene has improved significantly since we moved here. Olivertwist has some great recommendations - I would add Red Room Cafe and Umi (sushi). We are regulars at Tessaros and love the burgers. There are very few chain restaurants - most of the good restaurants are independent. There are also many neighborhoods here - all of them with different ethnic backgrounds and restaurants. We live in the East End where we can walk to 20 good restaurants. It will be great - just live in the right area. Pittsburgh Magazine just came out with their 25 Best Restaurants - check it out.

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              It'll likely take some more work to find some great places but they're out there. Oliver gave you many great places and I'll add Alla Famiglia the Allentown neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Link here:

              Remember too that Pittsburgh is much smaller than NYC so the quantity of great food may not be as high, but it is out there. Also, in my opinion Pittsburgh is a lot less stuffy and a lot more casual than NYC. I've never felt out of place at even the top end restaurants in Pittsburgh and it seems like less people are out to impress than in many other cities.