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Jun 12, 2007 11:46 PM

Real Home fries?

Anyone know somewhere on the Westside where they make great homefries, hopefully with diced onions and peppers? I have to gain twenty pounds in two weeks for a part, so I'll be eating breakfast everyday.


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  1. S&W Cafe on Washington in Culver City. In addition to their homefries, I'm sure their grilled cheese sandwich with tomato and bacon will help you put that 20lbs on in no time! In fact, if I were trying to put on 20lbs, I think I'd eat there every day, they have huge breakfasts!

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    1. re: writergirl

      I am a big S & W fan. They know how to cook eggs to order, have a delicious housemade corned beef hash, and do tasty pancakes. But I've never had their home fries because I so love their hash browns, ordered and turned out extra crispy.

    2. Piknic in Playa Del Rey has them, sort of. The potatoes are fried, like little square french fries, but they are served with the onions and peppers mixed in.

      I also just had really great home fries at Duke's Malibu during their Sunday Brunch Buffet. I also really liked their jasmine rice and marinated pork. Everything else offered was pretty average. If you go here, you must make reservations or you'll wait for 1-2 hours.

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            The grease alone at Rae's will help you gain weight, even without the peppers and onions. The potatoes are pretty tasty as is the Spanish omelette with the same ingredients.

            1. re: maudies5

              Thank you everyone. I've wanted to try Rae's and S&W - now I will.