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Jun 12, 2007 11:13 PM

Real pizza in St. Louis

I'm not a fan of St. Louis style pizza. (Other than the crust, sauce, and cheese it's not bad...) I'm more of a purist, with a NY style approach. A deep dish/Chicago style can be good, too -- but not the main thing for which I am looking.

What I've found so far is:

1) Racanell's, which makes a NY style that in NY or Boston (I grew up in Boston) would be only average but here stands out. (The CWE original location has IBC root beer on tap!)
2) Napoli in St. Peter which makes a neapolitan style, although the oven should be hotter for a better crust
3) La Pizza, which uses whole milk mozzarella in addition to the part-skim, and also has a very hot oven.
4) Neighborhood Pizza Parlor makes a respectable but certainly not spectacular overall pizza.
5) Dewey's in Kirkwood

I've heard good things about Pizzarelli's on Manchester Ave. (Ballwin?) and Il Vicino (sp?) in Clayton. There many, many places i have not yet tried. Suggestions?

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  1. The best pizza I found in St.L(resided there 9 yrs, return for short visits) was the stuffed (onion and cheese filling) crust Chi-town style at the Black Thorn pub in the S. Grand 'hood. That was two years ago, and if I get there this summer I'm calling to see if they're still making it(pizza was the only eats prepared there, i.I.r.c.). Decent selection of drafts (Sierra Nevada, Newcastle, Guinesss) We often settled for Racanellis before finding out about the Black Thorn. Thanks for the nice scouting report, where is La Pizza? cheers

    1. What's your take on Guido's on the Hill? I've heard some good reports.

      1. Having grown up in a town on Long Island with a large Italian population, I was pleased to find that Talayna's New York style pizza tasted just like the pizzas of my youth. This is the Talayna's on Debalivere, just north of the History Museum.