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Jun 12, 2007 10:59 PM

Christina's (Greektown)

I went there this evening with the better half.
It had been a few years since I was there.

Looking for a late night main course at about 10:00 PM we both ordered Chicken Souvlaki as our main.

We started off with Skordalia (cold , very garlicy mashed spuds) as an appetizer.
The pita that was served with it, was toasted and warm.

I ordered a Stella on draught and the Mrs. , a glass of white wine.

The meal arrived in good time and the presentation was nice.
I am sorry to say that while the service was decent, the food was very substandard.

The Greek salad was very nice. One of the best I have had on "The Danforth' to be honest.

The Chicken Souvlaki was overcooked.
It was dry to be honest.
I was happy that there was ample Tsatziki with the meal as it made it more pallatable in dipping the chicken in it before I ate it.
The standard roasted potato was also overcooked. It was dry. Thanks for the extra Tsatziki to help "wash it down"
The portions were however, more than the average.
I hope that this was a "one off" for this venerable establishment on "The Danforth"

Skordalia, 2 Chicken Souvlaki. 2 Stella Artois Draught, 2 White Wines, came to about $69.00, plus tip.

I hope we caught them on a downer of a night, this was not what I have come to expect for one of Greektown's mainstays.


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  1. I don't think that Christina's is a mainstay, though it may have been 10 years ago. I went there twice about 7 years ago and both times, it was mediocre.

    On another note, I have been in Chicago for the past week and there are lots of good Mexican restaurants here.


    1. Your posting made me rather nostalgic, as Christina's was the go-to place for a group of us undergrads in the late 80s when we were looking for an adult blow-out. At that time, it was very good, and I recall many great (perhaps raucous) dinners there. I last went in 1993 (?), and was very disappointed, and it fell off my list as a result. Not to split hairs with foodyDudey, doesn't Christina's remarkable longevity of 20-odd years (a geological age in the resto business) make it a "mainstay"?

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        It was a mainstay for years, starting in the mid eighties. They opened in a jinxed location (a Chinese family spent months renovating it and then went under within a couple of weeks of opening; the next restaurant there was quickly burned out) and became almost instantly popular.

        Christina's was never great (Omonia was much better way back then), but the food was tasty and it had a terrific vibe. Unfortunately, the two guys who owned it (I think they may have been brothers) opened a second, much larger resto almost across the street - what WERE they thinking? They spread themselves way too thin and lost interest. I have no idea how often it has changed hands since then, but it has been quite poor ever since.

      2. The original comment has been removed