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Jun 12, 2007 10:52 PM

Danny's Deli on windward in venice

anyone been here?

just took a look at the menu.

How's the pastrami, corned beef,?

falafel burger?

chopped liver?

coconut cake?

anyone tried any of these? the menu sounds interesting like a mixture of california with deli foods.

could suck though.

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  1. I love hanging out and drinking there, but the food is so-so. I really enjoyed the chopped liver and falafel burger, other stuff not so much. I haven't tried the pastrami or corned beef.

    1. Same owners as James' Beach. I discussed with waiter there, when I saw a flyer advertising Danny's Deli.

      1. i've been there, but i haven't tried any of the dishes you ask about. my boyfriend had the falafel burger, though, and he really liked it.

        i thought the food was pretty good (esp the homemade potato chips), and love the location, but was a little astounded by the prices. if you're not concerned about money, i think its definitely worth a try.

        1. I was there shortly after it opened and found the pastrami sandwich was thin, particularly for the price, and not particularly wonderful. The service was also somehwhat lacking (screwed up both the appetizer and main order and forgot the drink altogether). Too bad, it is an attractive place and potentially a nice option for the neighborhood.