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Jun 12, 2007 09:32 PM

Suggestions for Grand Central Market?

I'm taking my knives to be sharpened at Ross Cutlery in the "historic Bradbury Building" on Friday and also taking my two girls for a little walking tour around downtown LA.

After perusing the Bradbury Building, we want to go to Grand Central Market for lunch. I haven't been there since I worked downtown a LONG time ago -- I used to get gorditas at some stand but I can't remember which one. Anyone have any suggestions for any particular purveyor?

And, does anyone know if Angel's Flight has re-opened?

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  1. Ana Maria's is well known for their gorditas. Unfortunately, Angels Flight is not yet re-opened but, it is being worked on as we speak.

    1. Ana Maria's or Roast to Go is probably what you want. While at Grand Central, however, you might look closely at some of the vendors and check what they've got. If you like nuts, you might check to see all the varieties available and pick up some. If you like Tequila, you might look for some Sangrita to drink before/after a shot.

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        I second Roast to Go. Awesome pescado tacos!

      2. Lots of produce as well. Much of it is very reasonably priced...

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          And much of it not very fresh, unfortunately.

          I like the licuados bar at the back end, that's about it.

        2. Thanks for all the tips! Sorry to hear about Angel's Flight. I was definitely going to check out the produce at Grand Central.

          1. Took the advice of several on this board and my daughters and I milled about Grand Central Market until we found Ana Maria's, which is probably the place where I used to get my gorditas years ago while working downtown. We ordered three, and could have easily split two. Yummy! It was the girls' first try of gorditas and while they had a bit of trouble getting their little mouths around the hot pocket stuffed with roasted chicken, refried beans, lettuce, tomato, guac and sour cream (we forewent the salsa), it was very satisfying. Thanks SO much for the tips!

            Got a couple of nothing special smoothies at a nearby stand.

            I do agree about the produce, though in terms of it being sub-par. We browsed two of the larger produce stands and soft grapes, black bananas and mushy onions were standard. I recollect this also from my earlier days there. IT seems some produce markets are bottom of the list for distribution (Elat Market on Pico/Robertson used to have miserable produce when I lived in the area; can't say if that's still the case), the reasons for which I can speculate at, but don't know.

            Had high-minded ambitions of hitting MOCA and Central Library after, but my girls love to shop for clothes, so Santee Alley was where we headed.

            By the way, Ross Cutlery seems to have done a great job with the knives.