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Jun 12, 2007 09:14 PM

Quebrada Bakery

Excellent mini cupcakes. Is this a well know Boston bakery? Are the other items just as great?

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  1. it's ok, in my experience. nothing to shout home about.

    1. I think so! The muffins (mmm pumpkin) and croissants (choc, raspberry, plain) are both quite's usually a pretty busy place in the morning and the coffee/tea is quite good as well. Altho the prices are a bit high, they have great day-old specials that just require a little heat.

      1. I've only ever had their mini cupcakes (a tasty treat to bring to a party), but I agree, they were good.

        1. Quebrada is well-known to people in the Arlington/Medford area. I think that they make excellent cakes - they are our 'go-to' place when ordering cakes for birthdays!

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            Try the croissants .. I prefer the petits with rasberry filling.

          2. I love their blueberry scones and the fact that they do a mini version of almost anything! Great scones if you like them biscuity and not too sweet. Savory filled croissants are good but quite rich. Eating one keeps me full for the rest of the day!