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Jun 12, 2007 08:42 PM

Looking for Prosecco

Recently at a very good restaurant in Berkeley, California, I was served a glass of an excellent prosecco. It was creamy and yeasty, with a fair amount of fruit. I neglected to learn the name of the producer.

I would like to know some producers of prosecco that are fairly serious wines, not just bubbly summer drinks. (No disrespect to the latter category, but it's not what I want.)

Thanks for your help.

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  1. try Rustico-Nino Franco...for whatever it's worth, this was the #1 Prosecco choice by the NY Times tasting panel a few months ago...fits your description well.

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      In an even earlier review of proseccos, the NY Times rated a Mionetto as the "best of tasting". I believe it was Prosecco del Veneto. I must add, however, that most of the proseccos rated at that time received a 'very good' or 'good/very good' rating.

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        Mionetto is my bubble of Choice. Good thing I am in good with the rep here in town LOL

    2. hello, Ruggeri (available is Berserkley) makes three or four different kinds, only the cheapest might be described as *not* fairly serious. cheers

      1. I second the Nino Franco 'Rustico' suggestion. It is on the lighter side, but delicious. My favorite is Adami.

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          Michael, I live in New York and am fortunate to live near a few great wine shops. My favorite Prosecco is Col Vetoraz which I purchase at Union Square Wines, and another which I've only found in restaurants called Montesel. The Nino Franco is also very nice. I think these might be available on the west coast. Good luck, Prosecco is fantastic for summer and if indeed it's a serious bone dry Prosecco, it's a love affair with grilled foods, seafood and anything spicy. Brunch? Amazing!

        2. This has been my favorite prosecco: N.V. Valdo Prosecco di Valdobbiadene.
          Has the creamy rich flavour with lots of pear and apple. Most people think I'm giving them a glass of champagne.

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            I've had that one and liked it. I just forgot its name. Good call.

          2. Mionetto makes a lot of Proseccos...a really good one is their Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Extra Dry Santo Stefano e San Pietro, $13 at PJWine. Very dry, tiny bubbles, great fruity prosecco flavor.

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              Ha! I've also had that one... well a Mionetto, not certain if itwas that particular one, and enjoyed it.