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Caterer for a small budget

I am looking for a caterer who can work with my small budget. I am planning to feed 70 to 80 people at my wedding. My first thought was to have a buffet style dinner with appetizers at the beginning. After receiving a few quotes from different caterers, I am now planning to go for appetizers and wines/beers only. If this does not work out, I think we have to elope.
Any recommendation is very much appreciated.

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  1. what is the budget? "small" is somewhat subjective.

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      I have about 3000 dollars for my reception. It is at the church's hall. There is a kitchen. Thank you for all of your feed back.

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        check into asian catering services be it korean, chinese, vietnamese, etc. i am sure they can cater very easily for $35-45pp.

        for example, we had a family reunion (+/- 50 people) a few years ago and had a chinese caterer come in. they presented a few appetizers, four main dishes and dessert for under $30pp.

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          second ethnic.

          perhaps dim sum, ethiopian, los balcones de peru, paru's vegetarian indian, carnival (in sherman oaks), or rent an in'n'out truck ;)

    2. Taco Truck & Ice Cream Sundae Bar

      1. Will you have access to a kitchen? What's your venue? If you do, you could get a bunch of frozen apps from costco, trader joe's etc...

        1. generally speaking, you will be able to reduce the budget by going for a lunch/brunch instead of dinner.

          1. Ethnic caterers would be good.

            La Cabanita in Montrose would definitely be able to meet that budget.

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              Thank you for the info. I will give them a call.

            2. I used a couple smaller caterers to augment our wedding reception in January. The main catering was done by Duck, Duck, Mousse in Santa Monica (they're great), but we wanted some things that they could not provide. We had good luck getting Mashti Malone's to make a bunch of their ice cream sandwiches in different flavors. They even delivered them and the cost was not too bad. We also had a Colombian woman who cooks out of her house (most certainly an illegal business, but those are the best, aren't they?) make a ton of Colombian empanadas. Those do well in chafing dishes and they're cheap. I cannot remember the woman's name, but she lives in Huntington Park and I could find more info if you were interested.

              If I were in your shoes, I'd go with a "greatest hits of LA" buffet... get a bunch of ice cream sandwiches from Mashti Malone's, a taco cart, some stuff from Samosa House, some dim sum type stuff from SGV, some salads from Clementine, etc. Also, I know that Langer's has some catering business, so that would be a good option.