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Jun 12, 2007 08:01 PM

Urban Taco

So the fiance and I just tried Urban Taco tonite. We consider ourselves foodies and went to this new "hot" spot hoping for a new great place to eat as it's close by to our home. We got the chips and salsa and salsa trio to start. Chips appeared to be cut from premade corn tortillas then deep fried. Thick and crispy in nature and not bad though not definitely homemade. The salsas.... guacamole dip... tasted bland, needed more seasoning such as garlic perhaps and salt and appeared to be like a green past. 2nd salsa was the mango... bland, though with good mango flavor and not much else. Last salsa probably the best of the bunch. Corn and black bean salsa. Corn appeared to have nice grilled marks indicated it wasn't canned, mixed nicely with a standard black bean salsa. As far as entrees we just had some Carne(beef) tacos and I had an additional tuna taco. Beef tacos were of the steak variety cut up of course in small pieces in a standard small corn tortilla. Little to no cilantro and onions, a courtesy small dose of what appeared to be salsa though not evident in the overall taste of the taco. Overall, very bland, little to no seasoning and needed a lot more cilantro and grilled onions. Tuna taco a bit better though overall not worth the price. The atmosphere though was quite nice in Mockingbird Station. Perhaps these tacos would've been a better value at 2 dollars a pop vs 3.50 a piece that we paid. For the money we always enjoy going to Maple Ave to La Pasainita's for our favorite tacos in Dallas. Fuel City highly touted by many... IMO just ok. Plus our digestive tracts didn't do so well. Granted I'm quite sure that the rent at Mockingbird Station necessitates the higher cost but for a much better value as well as tastier options please go to your local non "Dallas'' type of restaurants on Maple or elsewhere. Scott at may direct to you much better options. Your dollars and taste buds would appreciate you. Just one guy and gal's opinion. Enjoy!

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  1. I went to urban taco a little while ago and have to say that I felt the same way. Just didn't strike me as anything special. I just tried this new place on Mckinney ave. with my wife though. I think it's called Tecole. Was absolutly great. everything was seasoned well, the atmosphere was really friendly, the salsa was definetly fresh (not like most places today where you can taste the canned tomatoes). We just had an overall great time. Definatly recomend for anyone looking for great flavorful taqueria style with good atmosphere.

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      hey J100281, so you think it's called Tecole? that's kindof a complicated name - glad that you were able to remember it! i am DEFINATLY looking for great flavorful taqueria style with good atmosphere. (it's fantastic that you joined the Texas board just in time to share the news of this place!!!) what did you get? i don't suppose you can remember any of the dishes you and your wife ordered?? and i'm wondering if you know of any other great taquerias? or is it just this tecole place that you recommend

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        Here's their website.

        Menu looks great, but the prices don't appear to be cheap.

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          Went to Tecole last night. Here's a rundown:

          Ordered the "Frozen drink of the day" which was a Pomerita. I see this drink popping up quite a few places now. It was VERY frozen and not too sweet. I liked it. Also ordered a regular frozen Margarita which was ok, but tasted a bit too much of artificial lime for me. Much better was the Mexican Martini which only used fresh lime. It was very strong and good. Overall, they passed our Margarita test, so we will be back.

          The house salsa is dark green and full of cilantro goodness. Similar to the one at Luna de Noche, but not quite as good. Could have used a bit more salt, but overall it was pretty addictive. The chips are the really thin kind which I prefer. In addition to the regular salsa, they also have a "Salsa of the day". When we went, it was a cherry and chipotle salsa. I expected it to be too sweet, but it wasn't. It was much better than I ever would have expected.

          Main course:
          I got the Redfish ceviche. It was a smallish portion for the price (as compared to Tradicion on Lemmon). It was also a bit too close to room temperature than I would have liked. They don't use a lot of lime in their marinade, so I thought it was a tad on the bland side. I added lime and it helped considerably. The fish was slightly fishy, but not so much that it wasn't edible. Overall - didn't love it, but didn't hate it either.

          My husband got the Quail tacos. The quail was good, but the soft corn tortillas were not freshly made and somewhat rubbery. They mention they have homemade flour tortillas, so next time we'll probably just request those instead. They also came with a slightly sweet sauce that didn't work well with it. The black beans were smoky and good. The rice was also pretty good. They use a very thin gain rice which is a bit different.

          They only have one - Churros. You get about 8 pieces per order. These are not the hard chewy kind you normally find. They are freshly made and melt in your mouth. They come with caramel sauce to dip in. The only drawback was that there was barely any cinnamon sugar on them.

          So...we'll probably go back. It's very close to us, and there were some items on the menu that sounded worth trying.

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            I was there last Friday and generally came to the same conclusion as you regarding the tortillas...the black beans stole the show. The taco's were decent at best (had the sampler of quail, red fish, pork, and beef). Probably be a long, long time before I go back.

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          I love Tecole. I am in love with the Grilled Corn Elotes! I can't wait to have them again. I had the Smokehouse Combo, which I thought was good since it allowed me to try different things. I wasn't a big fan of the Chicken Mole Taco, too sweet for me. But I liked the Pork Carnitas and thought the Beef short Rib taco was great. I would definitely go there again.

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          What is the parking situation like there? Do they have valet?

          1. re: Berrylicious877

            Tecole has the same owner as Idle Rich Pub (also the Dubliner and Old Monk), so valet and self parking are both across the street, at Idle Rich.

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              BUT!!!! Tecole scored BIG TIME by hiring former chef de cuisine at The Mansion, Ian Beach. This is a casual hip little gem with an awesome patio in the middle of uptown that puts a modern take on taco houses.

              I had their special octopus taco and it was fantastically grilled, not too chewy or soft. And you have to try the Pico de Gallo! It's made with watermelon (and no tomatoes, from what I recall). And I completely agree about the Grilled Corn Elotes! I could eat those everyday!

              1. re: Jambon_It

                Gotta say, my wife and I hit up Tecole last Friday for a quick supper, and we were WAAAAY disappointed.

                The salsa that came to the table was a roasted tomato/habenero, and they must have been scared to death of the fiery chilies, becuase there was no hint of spice/chile at all. It was tomato soup. Disappointing tomato soup at that.

                We opted for a bit of the fine green stuff (aka guacamole aka food of the gods), and I didn't even have to taste it to know it was pre-fab, out of the package, fake, hydrogenated blah. It was bad. I was major disappointed.

                I went with the smokehouse combo, and I have to say, the pork taco was quite good. The tortillas left something to be desired, but the meat was solid. My wife hit up the relleno, and it was solid as well. The beans were certainly tasty, but the rice was crunchy and stale.

                All in all.

                Very very disappointing. We'll likely not be back, and next time we've got a craving for tacos, we'll hit up some taco stand out in the barrio....

          2. I found Urban Taco to be cool looking spot.
            Went last Friday for lunch around 2:30.
            Had the Tuna Taco (they did ask how I wanted my tuna cooked: rare),
            a Red Snapper Taco, and a margarita.
            Really loved the snapper. Tuna was fine, but the snapper was way better.
            Hardly anyone was in there and it took forever.
            Wonder how long it would take if it was a busy Friday night.
            I felt that the whole thing was very overpriced.
            Prolly won't be back for that reason.

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              I liked the drinks at Urban Taco. They have agua frescas (sp?) juice drinks but tasty flavors. Also the alcohol drinks like mojitos and margaritas.

            2. My husband and I went for lunch here on 9/5 - my birthday, it was my idea. I liked the look of the review on guidelive and the website menu was appetizing. When we arrived it was crowded and bustling, good sign, but when the food arrived we were a bit let down. We had the snapper and rock shrimp ceviche which tasted old and had this streak of avocado crema on it that looked like neon green kids colgate. The texture was ok, the flavor was washed out and stale. There were pickled red onions and chopped mango on everything - so naturally everything tasted like mango and onion. The veggie taco with potatoes and poblano was flavorless and mushy. the mango jicama slaw was tasty but it was a tiny portion - more like a topping for a taco than a side dish on it's own. Elliot ordered poblano rice and beans. The beans were white, I'm guessing great northern? totally flavorless and over cooked. The rice was deceivingly green, leading you to think there might be a hint of poblano or at the least, some cilantro, nope. All in All the Tamarind aguas frescas that I chose was the star of the meal, sweet and tart and well flavored, it was right up there with the little chiclet gum we grabbed from the complimentary dish on the way out.
              In the same plaza is Margarita Ranch - a bit more tex-mex, but let me tell you their mexican shrimp cocktail and the steak nachos are a much better bang for your buck. They also have a killer prickly pear margarita.