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Best Sushi: BK Heights/Cobble/Boerum/Carroll

Recently moved to Brooklyn Heights and am looking for the best sushi in the area (I'm only a few minutes walk to Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens, so those areas too). I've tried Migita on Montague which was alright at best. I figure there's got to be something good on Court or Smith...any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. Cube 63 - Court and Baltic. They have a nice garden out back too.

      1. I really liked Ki Sushi the one time I tried it, and it seems to get good reviews here. Taro just off 5th Ave is a bit more of a walk, but I think it's worth it. And they delivered to me when I lived in Boerum Hill, so they might deliver to you too.

        1. Taro gets excellent reviews. Hibino has high quality suchi as well. I have heard some good things about Ki Sushi but will not eat there as they serve Bluefin Tuna and Chilean Sea Bass, both of which are being overfished to extinction.

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            Taro (Bergen just off of Flatbush) is really the only good sushi place I've been to in the non-Manhattan boroughs.

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              Seconded, and it's only a block and a half from the border of Boerum Hill (assuming 4th Ave. as the demarcation line.) Hibino also has very high quality fish, but it's mainly for sushi and sashimi - I don't think they have many rolls outside of a futomaki.

          2. Iron Chef House on Clark St (BK Heights) is pretty good for a neighborhood place.

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              Taro is a trek outside the criteria, but worth it. I have lived in CG for 7 years, and only go to Taro after trying most places around. However, I have not been to Cube 63.

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                I think Iron Chef House used to be good about 3 years ago... my last few visits have left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. The quality of the food seems to have dropped significantly. I used to love their spicy tuna roll (very nicely presented with some sauce drizzled over top and black sesame sprinkled around.) But the last time I ordered it, the rice was near stale and fridge cold, and it was present in a mundane 6 piece manner.

                Broke my heart, but I guess all good things eventually come to an end.

              2. In order of preference: Ki, Taro, Cube 63

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                  thanks for all the replies, looks like i'll be giving Cube and Taro over the next few weeks.

                2. Our favorites are Cube 63, Osaka, and Hibino. Liked Ki too but found it similar in quality to the others but more expensive.

                  Osaka is a recent favorite for us...much more casual vibe than the others and very good fish, esp the white salmon.

                  Really you cant go wrong with any of the 4 of them.

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                    cube is my favorite. it has the most creative rolls and their sashimi is consistently beautifully fresh. i used to adore osaka but had an incident where i felt the sashimi was too thick and fishy tasting, and haven't really been able to give it another shot yet. enjoyed hibino a lot, they have a few interesting and different choices on their menu (e.g. the homemade tofu, very interesting), but found the service to still need a lot of work. order from ki also good, but i think a little step down from cube, osaka, and hibino perhaps. they are all good selections though, so enjoy! let us know what you think!!

                  2. cube 63 and osaka. pink lady roll and 63 roll at cube 63 and sushi for 2 at osaka, yum! both have backyard gardens as well.

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                      just thought i'd report back. i went with 3 friends to cube 63 last night, weather was beautiful so we obviously opted for outside seating. we got there around 9, saturday night, and there were people at about 3 or 4 tables, i couldnt believe how empty it was. we did have the cube 63 roll and the tahiti roll, among others, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal (except for the waitress accidentally spilling soy sauce on my rather nice shirt). meal was $100 for 4 with a bottle of sake and 2 other drinks, can't complain at all, will definitely be back.

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                        hmmm I've been to cube 63 at least half a dozen times and saw no indication that they had a back patio ;) learn something new every day I guess. we always sit at the sushi bar and have a wonderful time but with the warm weather, this is very tempting to do this week.

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                          I found it really empty the night i went too. Hope they don't go under!

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                            Cube 63 isn't bad, but you really must try Ki too. I don't go a week without stopping in.

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                              I went to Ki for only a second visit a couple of days ago since a few have mentioned here.

                              Had some decent sashimi and sushi rolls. Had white salmon, which I fell in love with at Osaka a month ago (and is still in its short season). It was very good but not quite as good as it was at Osaka. Also liked the Blue fin tuna, the aji and the kampachi.. The anago was decent as well though I ordered as sashimi and it arrived as sushi.

                              The service was friendly but quite slow, esp considering we were sitting at the sushi bar -- seemed like a 30 min wait for the food to arrive after ordering. They were packed though, in fairness, even though it was a wednesday night.

                              I still give the edge to both Osaka and Cube 63, but it was a good meal.