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best vegetarian take-out between eagle rock and hollywood?

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need to pick something up on the way home!

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  1. sorry I'm a little late, but Soy Cafe on Hyperion at Lyric is amazing

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      must try soon!

    2. too late for dinner, but for future ref: there's a mini-explosion of vegan thai places in the area. Green Leaves Vegetarian Restaurant 1769 Hillhurst Ave in los feliz (betw. franklin and hollywood) 323-664-2345 is one option. they do amazing things w/ tofu. not that i advocate trying to make the stuff taste like meat, but their tofu chickenburger works for me.

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        had them deliver last night! any others you like?

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          there's another on the corner of sunset and benton (in the mini-mall with the "smiling/frowning foot") that is very similar, only cheaper. and, i've noticed one on the north side of hollywood just west of van ness (across from thai palms) that i've yet to try.