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Jun 12, 2007 07:24 PM

Good Lunch Spots Between Fitchburg and Greenfield?

I'll be on the road tomorrow, heading up Route 2 west, and should be somewhere between Fitchburg and Greenfield around lunchtime. I'm willing to drive 5 or 10 minutes off Route 2 if there's a dining spot worth going to. Not looking for anything fancy, just a decent place for food. Thanks!

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  1. I have been impressed with the food (the beer is just ok) at Gardner Ale House which is not all that far off of rte 2 in Gardner. Its probably the nicest place out that way.

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      Thanks for the tip. I'll have to try that next time I'm on Route 2. We ended up going to Skip's Roadside Diner in Gill. The Polish dishes we had there were excellent (pierogies and kapusta). Just a little place (looks like a trailer, actually), but the owners are as friendly as can be and the items on the menu are dirt cheap.

      We also had cupcakes, beer, and tea (I know, an odd combination!) later in the day at Lady Killigrew in the Montague Bookmill. Oh man, what a great place to spend the afternoon--tables overlooking the river, great desserts, Hennepin Ale (one of my favorites) on tap, free wi-fi, and a used bookstore next door. I want to go back to the Bookmill to try Night Kitchen, which is a more upscale dinner place in the same complex.

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        Hey Marc, I caught up to this post too late, not that you gave us a lotta time:-))
        I would have asked you to "take one" for the Hounds and do a follow-up review of the Smokin' Hippo. TV Diner reviewed it last Saturday and only gave it a Silver Plate. Dissin' both the shrimp cake app for lack of shrimp, but more surprisingly they didn't like the pork ribs. They said it had an "off" taste, or words to that effect. I haven't stopped in, as of yet, but I'd heard good things from several people who know BBQ. They didn't think it was on par with Holy Smokes but still very good. Go figure.

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          I saw that place on the way to Skip's. We almost pulled in, but couldn't find a place to turn around, so we kept going. Next time I'll drive slower. ;-b

          1. re: hiddenboston

            Well Skip's is hardly "hidden" but sometimes is taken too much for granted. I agree with you on Hennepin. IMO, is the best U.S. Saison ale I've had and drink it often. Btw, if you've never been to Cooperstown, nestled on the south shore of Glimmerglass Lake, Ommergang Brewery is just one more reason to visit this beautiful area.

            Night Kitchen is well worth trying. It took over that space when The Blue Heron, looking for more space, moved into the Old Sunderland Town Hall. If you've never been to The Blue Heron well guess what? That needs to go on the list as well, Marc. Here's their link;

            1. re: Harp00n

     prices on their menu online. That's kind of unsual for this area. Maybe that's OK for NYC. I haven't been to the Blue Heron since their move, and it wasn't cheap then. Maybe it's worth any price.

              1. re: OverTheHill

                Hi OTH,
                Yes, it always raises a red flag when there are no prices on the menu, lol! They are on the higher end of the scale for the area. But, if you've noticed on their site, there are values to be had. In fact, they have a three course special coming up on 6/29 with live music @ $35.00 pp. Earlier this year was a six course tasting menu dinner with six wines to match at $75.00 pp. Try to find that in Boston or NYC.
                All the best,

                1. re: Harp00n

                  The $35 dinner is breast of chicken or skirt steak. El cheapo meats.

                  1. re: OverTheHill

                    'Tis true, but there's chicken & skirt steaks, then there's chicken & skirt steaks. Hey, they don't pretend to be Famous Bill's, lol.

                    Obtw, what exactly are they famous for? I've never quite figured that out.

                2. re: OverTheHill

                  If nothing else, sit at the bar on a weeknight and grab a burger and a glass of wine. Local grass-fed beef, gouda, homemade ketchup and aioli. Good stuff, even if it now comes with forgettable slaw instead of the yummy salad with Great Hill Blue Cheese (which I now succumb to ordering a la carte). But yeah, everything else is a bit of a splurge.

                  I'm going to the Night Kitchen next weekend, if I can get a res.

      2. The Wagon Wheel on Rte 2 in Gill is a nice spot for lunch. The Valley Advocate did a recent review:

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          I agree with the Wagon Wheel rec and I'll add the Smoking Hippo: