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Good Inexpensive Eats in the Westide/Culver

Hey Guys,

I just moved down here from monterey and i'm looking for your best places that are inexpensive i.e. $60 or under for 2 without beverages. I like all types of food Indian, Thai, Italian, etc you name and I like it. I'm looking for those locals type places and also some that more people may know about that are very good.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. Culver City has really come into its own in the last few years. A good meal for $60 for two w/out drinks won't be hard to find. There are lots of threads about CC on chowhound already. The hot new place is Fraiche in Downtown, I liked the food, it was fresh and flavorful, and I thought their wine list was really well priced, surprisingly not very marked up(you should be able to get by for $60/2 although you could easily spend more.) There's Thai Boom on Venice which is cheaper and better than the very popular Natalee Thai. I like Cucina Paradiso on Motor for Italian, it's never crowded and the food is really tasty, a cut above most neighborhood Italian restaurants. Gaby's is good for Middle Eastern. Really, the list goes on and on. Check out previous threads. Welcome to the neighborhood! (if you're working nearby, there are lots of good lunch places as well.)

    1. Giovanni's is a good neighborhood Italian restaurant and I think you can bring your own wine. Also, Bamboo-Carribbian style with nice patio area. Great Yukatan chicken, paella, etc. Besides Thai Boom, there is Emerald Thai which is family owned and has been around for many years now. There is also a good Indonesean place on National near Motor.

        1. With your budget anything in and around Culver City can apply! For lunch, if you like sushi Sushi Karen, or cheaper option at Yokohama, Thai Boom for more like $20 for 2 w/o drinks. On Venice further west, Hurry Curry for another $20 for 2 people. Ford's filling station is also a good pick-- welcome to the neighborhood and enjoy

          1. Thanks everyone. What about good Indian? I'll do a search for CC threads.

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              A good place for vegetarian and vegan Indian is Bharat Bazaar, 11510 Washington Blvd - just west of the DMV. The have great samosas in two sizes, as well alot of entrees that are served cafeteria-style. They have seating in this combination grocery store/cafe, or you can order to go. The mango lassi is quite nice as well...

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                hello, Bharat Bazaar is one of our favorites--very nice staff there to help with the homestyle vegetarian food. Anna Purna is also excellent, with a bigger S.Indian vegetarian menu and table service. cheers

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                  i LOVE bharat bazaar/samosa house.
                  it should be noted, though, that they serve on styrofoam.

                  still, their FOOD is really good.

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                    It's been renamed, Samosa House. I really like that place.

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                      "Samosa House" is emblazened on the store front, but not in the internet... still Bharat Bazaar... Someone might mention it to those folks - they could be losing some business...

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                    Annapurna on venice blvd is fantastic. They have a buffet on Saturdays, but I prefer their menu. Lots of dosas.

                  3. Gaby's Mediterranean
                    Tender Greens
                    Bay Cities (more takout though)
                    Warszawa (can be done)
                    Primitivo (depending upon shared tapas)
                    Nook and Violet can also be done
                    The Counter
                    Father's Office
                    Fritto Misto
                    26 Beach if you do sandwiches and apps (no entrees or split one)
                    Lazy Daisy Cafe
                    Cora's Coffee Shop

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                      26 Beach is my local fave. You could come in under $60 for 2 with the majority of their entrees, priced $15-23, and their portions are huge.

                      Also I really like Beacon in Culver City. They have sushi, Thai-like dishes, and a great hamburger!

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                        just had a lovely meal at 26 beach last night.
                        my tuscan salad was great as was the goat cheese salad that my friend ordered.
                        with two glasses of wine and one side order, i believe that the tab came to about $60 for two including tax and tip.

                    2. S & W for breakfast -- housemade corned beef hash, good pancakes, and they know how to cook eggs to order and get the hashbrowns crisp. Very good diner on the south side of Washington Blvd in downtown CC.

                      Markie D's for philly cheesesteaks and other philly-themed food such as pizza and dogs. On Washington just a block east of Sepulveda.

                      Taqueria Sanchez for their tasty, properly non-overcooked shrimp tacos and other simple Mexican fare. On Centinela south of Washington, parking in rear. Gallegos for slow-cooked tender barbacoa burritos, on Venice a block west of Centinela.

                      Hu's for Chinese, on the corner where National takes a right-hand turn near Motor. And another strong rec for Thai Boom, on Venice at Midvale.

                      Royal Donuts for huge, crispy cinnamon rolls and light, delicate crumb donuts, in the strip mall on the S/E corner of Sepulveda and Palms, across from the Trader Joe's.

                      Harvey's for cheap breakfasts, burger and sandwich combos, and teriyaki rice plates. At Palms and Motor.

                      1. Paco's Tacos on Washington and Centinela. Also has branch in Westchester on Manchester and Sepulveda. Good homemade tortillas and chips/salsa. Their combos are always solid. They filmed a scene from Jerry Maguire there. Not super-authentic, but who cares, it tastes good.

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                          Paco's is the one place I know about been going there since before I was born. like 25 years now.

                        2. If you want some Chinese that isn't over-salted or overly oily, check out Lin's on the south side of Pico, just east of Barrington. Their servings are generous, the prices are good, the service is very attentive, and you don't feel all funked out after eating a meal there as you would at alot of other places. They make their pan-fried chicken dumplings by hand, and they also serve Shanghai-style sliced rice cakes with pork - a dish normally not found here in the Westside. This place is easily overlooked but worth a shot if you want some decent Chinese in the Westside. I would be foolish to compare it with some of the outstanding places in SGV, but we always leave this place satisfied.

                          1. Try Shamshiri for some great Persian food. And don't just order kabobs, get into the stews. If you haven't had Persian food, it's really interesting and not quite like anything else.


                            1. Two legends of Culver City are Tito's Tacos and Johnnie's Pastrami. They are west and south of the SW corner of Washington Pl and Sepulveda.

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                                Good recommendations. I was about to say the same thing.

                                Empanada's Place
                                3811 Sawtelle Blvd
                                Los Angeles, CA
                                Phone: (310) 391-0888

                                If you like Japanese food,
                                Sakura - for udon
                                4545 S Centinela Ave
                                Los Angeles, CA 90066

                                Shabu Hachi - for shabu shabu
                                Olympic (& Barrington, I think)

                                there are a bunch of places on Sawtelle (between Olympic & Santa Monica Blvd.)
                                Some of my favorites:
                                Hide Sushi - teri chicken & sushi
                                Orris - small plates, fun to go with 2-4 people (Japanese fusion)
                                Asahi Ramen - miso ramen/friend rice
                                Curry House - chicken cutlet curry
                                Hurry Curry - croquette curry
                                Sawtelle Kitchen - fish
                                Furaibo - small plates @ dinner, but more Japanese style than Orris.

                              2. Le Dijonaise at the Helms Bakery. Save room for desert. Versailles for the best cuban food for miles. Tender Greens and the the Honey Pot (correct name?) on Washington. The fired chicken and biscuits are so darn good. Roll and rye for good old fashion Jewish deli food.