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Jun 12, 2007 07:07 PM

Tatin: Nice Westside Coffeehouse

I've been meaning to give this little nook a try. It's on Sepulveda and National in the same strip as Fatburger (edit: either Fatburger or Hamburger habit). I was impressed with it for what it is. It was a cute, quaint little French bakery and coffeehouse with sandwiches and other light alimentation, and I hope others in the area will frequent it. We were the only patrons in there the whole time for brunch on Saturday.

The man behind the counter was the owner I believe. At first, he seemed to possess the proverbial haughty Parisian airs. He seemed to stare us down a bit as we perused the menu to make our minds. However, he turned out quite pleasant and provided us with a nice, quick meal. I think I've never gotten used to European customer service vs. American customer service and was thoroughly traumatized by my last experience in Paris. European-style is to be friendly but standoffish and not as "in your face", so to speak.

We had brunch there, which consisted of an almond croisssant, grilled chicken panini, and salad. The almond croissant was light and flaky, liberally sprinkled with sliced almonds. The almond paste that was spread inside the croissant had a light, creamy texture on the tongue but had a fragrantly almond taste and was speckled with crushed almonds to provide a variance in texture. I really liked this croissant. The panini was very well done, perfectly grilled. The chicken was moist, fresh, tender, and flavorful. Tomatoes were nicely diced and was a great complement to the cheese. I really enjoyed the texture of the bread. It really was perfectly grilled. It you know my posts, you know I'm finicky about texture. The crust was crunchy but not overly hard. Some of those hard breads make my mouth hurt after awhile, especially if they've spent too long inside the press. This bread had just enough give and had browned just enough. The thickness of the panini fit my mouth perfectly. We had a standard salad of designer greens with a house vinaigrette, which was a nice balance of sour, creamy, and oily. There was a little too much dressing on the salad for my taste, but I'll remedy that next time by asking for dressing on the side. The panini and salad was $6.75. My sister and I split the dish because the servings were generous and we both left full. They also have crepes and quiches and baguette sandwiches and other pastries and salads. Everything was well-executed, light-handed but very flavorful to my taste.

I'd really like to see this guy do well. So, if you're in the area and want a quick bite or just want to get out of the house a bit but don't want to go far, don't hesitate to give Tatin Coffee House a try. It's a cute, clean, crisp little cafe that also provides free wireless internet.

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  1. Is it in the same shopping center as Hamburger Habit?

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    1. re: nitaj

      Hmmm....I thought it was a Fatburger, but perhaps it was Hamburger or the other for sure...

      1. re: hch_nguyen

        Fatburger is on Sepulveda and Venice. I think it is the Hamburger Habit.

    2. Wow, that sounds great! I'll have to check it out some time.

      Do you happen to know the hours that they're open?

      Too bad that there's that teeny, tiny parking lot, where it's a nightmare to park your car...=P

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      1. re: Tmblweed

        I believe he's open from 7am - 7pm Mon-Fri and 7am-4pm on Saturdays. He used to open until 9pm I think, but the patrons were too few and far between. It's more of a breakfast, lunch, brunch, afternoon coffee break type place now. And I agree, that parking lot is quite snug. I definitely think it prevents people from just dropping by...but if you do give it a try, let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy!

      2. I really do love this place as well. Such a nice guy... his name is Frank. However, I found out that he is selling his business to a Korean man.
        His croissants are amazing...

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        1. re: banquisha

          Really?? I'm quite sorry to hear he is selling. I just discovered this little place. I think the excellent execution is all in Frank's light-handedness and precision and highly doubt things will be the same without him.

          1. re: banquisha

            I know I'm a little late, but yup...this place has been sold and turned into a boba place called "Boba Time"


            1. re: Tmblweed

              Yes, I noticed that it had turned into Boba Time, and, not to knock Boba Time, but I am really sorry to see Tatin go. I only go to go to it once. It was definitely a quality experience for me at a more than reasonable price. Everything was so fresh and done with attention and lightness. Does ANYBODY know where the owner is or what his next culinary endeavor is??? I'd like to support him....Thanks.

              1. re: hch_nguyen

                his name is Franck and when I spoke to him awhile back, he said he was giving up on the food industry.