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Jun 12, 2007 06:41 PM

voga italia wines

not a fan of gimmicks besides screw top bottles when it comes to wines, however the voga packaging has me captivated (think voss water). whole foods has the pinot grigio for ~$11 which in my opinion is 'disposable, ' i mean it will subsitute as a great ice breaker even if the wine is poor. however i visited the voga site and it turns out they have a red called 'quattro' - whole foods does not sell this, so i wanted to know:

1. does anyone know a shop that sells 'quattro' in the south bay / peninsula

2. has anyone actually had the pinot grigio? or the quattro?

3. did voga pay off some reviewers because tasting notes and comments are all over the board from 'omgimchoking' to 'pretty decent, very sweet' on the pinot. i haven't found much for the quattro.


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    1. re: Husky is that guy every so annoying, but i couldn't peel my eyes and ears away. fantastic presentation. no voga in my future.


    2. I am thinking that tasting notes must have been paid. I know I'm a sommelier and all, but I tasted the quattro and seriously. Actually I didn't taste it, the smell was enough. Worst wine I can remember trying.