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Jun 12, 2007 06:36 PM

rehearsal dinner in duluth (atlanta)

Any recommendations for a good rehearsal dinner site in the duluth/norcross/peachtree corners area? We're trying to keep it under $25 per person, and since my future in-laws live on Long Island, the research is up to me :) No chains, barbeque, or Indian, please. Any and all advice is welcomed!

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  1. hmmm. No Indian narrows it down a bit... ;>)

    How many people? Is all ethnic out? I know a nice Korean place on P.I.B. that specializes in duck and would be a nice location for a private party.

    1. hmmmm that is a tall order if you are trying to do under $25 without it being a chain in Duluth. You might try Garrisons at State Bridge/Pleasant Hill and Peachtree Pkwy. Across the street there is Stoney River but that would probably be more than $25/person. There is a decent Thai restaurant in the Forum shops on P'tree Pkwy.

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        Stoney River was going to be my first recommendation until I saw the budget. That place is fantastic. I wonder if they'd do a special events menu for around $25 per person. Without booze that might be doable. Won't be the coffee-cured filet with tempura lobster tail, but anything on their menu is fantastic. Maybe they could come up with a choice of pork chop, sirloin, or crab cake. Worth asking for sure.

        1. re: creativeusername

          the coffee cured filet is awesome. and we always do the crab cake app.

          1. re: jeffbatl

            oh yes, the no-filler crabcake. Just a big pile of lump crab goodness. Ever had their lambchops? Like butter. If we go with another couple, we always get whatever appetizer platter they are offering as a special. Sometimes fried, sometimes not. Never had a meal that was less than extraordinary, although I've waited for 2 hours for a table before and that was the pits. Quickly forgotten though when the server came around with the fried poppy seed rolls.

      2. Check out Kurt's in Duluth ( -- quite good; had a surprise anniversary dinner for parents there a few years ago -- they've got a link to "rehearsal dinner" menu suggestions; they'd probably work with you on price as well...