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Jun 12, 2007 06:33 PM

York Area Suggestions? (Markam/Richmond Hill)

I've been working in the Markam/Richmond Hill area and I have exhausted restaurants in the area. Please feel free to send me suggestions. I have a diverse palate and will try almost anything.

Places I've liked:
The Host

Good portion size:
Mr. Greek (definitely need more tzatziki sauce, though)
Fire and Ice

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  1. Do you like Chinese food? There are so many to choose from in the area. Scroll down for the Chinese restaurant in Richmond Hill thread.

    1. Are you looking for lunch or dinner suggestions? I will assume lunch since you work in Markham.
      I like Chauhan's lunch buffet (on Denison, just east of Woodbine). I also like Tastee's for take out or eat in lunch (also on Denison, but closer to Esna Park). The jerk pork is a special on Wed. if you ask for extra is it ever spicy. Two lights north of Hwy 7 on Woodbine (east side) there is a plaza, inside the plaza there is a Japanese noodle shop, dim sum, and Vietnamese noodles.

      1. If you like Japanese, ShiKi (Yonge St, just south of Elgin Mills in Richmond Hill) offers incredible lunch specials. Here's what I had Friday for their sashimi lunch:

        1 small boat edamame (soy beans in pod)
        1 bowl miso soup
        3 pieces california roll
        2 pieces dragon roll
        1 small salad
        14 pieces of sashimi - yes, 14 pieces, including salmon, tuna, whitefish, mackerel, shrimp
        1 rice with salmon roe
        1 piece fresh fruit for dessert

        All of this for $10.95. I was so stuffed, I couldn't even eat dinner!

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          There is a great all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet restaurant called Yang's that is located on Hwy 7 just east of Warden that is great! Lunch is $11.99 and includes drinks and ice cream. You order what you want off the menu so everything is fresh.

        2. Having moved downtown from Richmond Hill, I have discovered there are 3 places I miss, and have returned to, in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada! (Not to be confused with all the other Richmond Hills out there!)

          These might not be in the right area for you, but I wanted to post them on Chowhound in case others in the North West Part of Richmond Hill did a search! (Major Mackenzie & Yonge/Bathurst area)

          1. Joe's Hamburgers - 10801 YONGE ST, RICHMOND HILL, ON L4C 3E3
          Phone: 905-884-4846

          Not for the burgers (Golden Star on Yonge north of Steeles are the best for burgers) but for the BEST Chicken Souvlaki in a pita that I have ever had - I can't find a place as good downtown! They also have great Falafel and home cut fries!

          2. Dynasty Chinese Restaurant
          10 Headdon Gate (Major Mackenzie East of Bathurst)
          Richmond Hill, ON L4C 8A3

          A tiny hole in the wall restaurant with great Chinese food that will satisfy those that love Canadian style Chinese Food (Chicken Balls, Fried Rice, Egg Rolls, etc) AND those who love more authentic dishes (Egg Foo Yung, Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, Beef and Broccoli, Meat Dumplings, etc)

          My personal faves are: House Special Spicy Beef, Fried Meat Dumplings, Fried Spicy Squid, and Shrimp with Lobster Sauce.

          The lunch specials are a real bargain and a great chance to try out the food and discover why you have to go back for dinner!

          3. Sue's Market (across the street from Dynasty Chinese Restaurant)
          205 DonHead Village Blvd., Richmond Hill, Ontario.

          This may not be a restaurant but it is the best place in Richmond Hill for quick, take out SUSHI - the sushi is prepared by a Japanese sushi chef, who makes it the way it was meant to be made - forget the stuff from Loblaws and other grocery stores that gets shipped in once a day - at Sue's the sushi is made fresh from noon until the Sushi chef leaves for the day just before dinner time - being a Japanese Canadian, I know a bit about Sushi, and don't tell my mom, but Sue's Sushi Chef makes the Futomaki of my childhood better than my mom!

          My faves are Futomaki, Unagi, California Rolls, Inarizushi and I almost forgot - he does killer Sushi Trays (best to order them in advance) AND his brown rice sushi is the best I have ever tasted (but I still prefer the original authentic white sushi rice)

          Sue's also has great Artisan breads baked in house (including some great gluten free breads) and the butcher counter has high quality meats including organic and free range options.

          1. It would help if you provided a longer list of cross off candidates.
            There are many close to woodbine / steeles:
            a) Tokyo Sushi
            b) A Taste of Japan
            c) Maison du Japan
            d) Cravins Caribbean
            e) Motimahal
            f) Spring Villa
            g) Two Roses
            h) Carmelina Fresh Market Quisine
            i) Thee Asian Kitchen

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            1. re: dancingTimmy

              If my assumption that your definition of "cross off" means "do not go" then I would have to disagree with you about Spring Villa (at least for dim sum). We went twice post-renovations (July 07) and it was quite well done. Plus you get a discount of $2.50 all dishes before 11am on a sunday.

              Here's my review...


              I'd have to agree with you on A Taste of Japan... was absolutely horrible.

              Maison du Japon is actually one of the better sushi buffets, but just don't expect really high quality fish... just quantity.

              We used to go to Motimahal, but then found a lot better indian resto's in the area (The Host, Cuisine of India). I don't know how that place survives...