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Jun 12, 2007 06:28 PM

Cheap Eats for Ann Arbor

I need a little memory jogging for cheap eats in Ann Arbor. I just started a big kitchen redo (which basically means I am broke and am going to have to eat out for weeks). I'm looking for places that I can go pick stuff up and come home and drink my own wine. I love places like Tios, Stars Cafe, Jerusalem Gardens, etc... Any help reminding me where else to go would be appreciated (any suggestions on what to order are also welcome).

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  1. Barbecue bar at Whole Foods is surprisingly good (must be the Texas roots of that chain)--if there is a smoked chicken or part of one out there, grab it. Sides like potato salad and slaw available, and you get one with $5.99 meal. Asian: No Thai (now two locations) is quick and cheap. Specials from Sushi Town on Packard are mostly under $10.

    1. Pilar's - El Salvadorian on S. State
      Le Dog - E. Liberty & S. Main (don't get the dogs)
      Broadway Cafe for cheesesteak hoagies & bi bim bop - Broadway Street
      Kosmo's - Kerrytown
      Sylvio's - Neapolitan pizza by the slice on N. University