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Jun 12, 2007 06:14 PM

ANY good Indian in Monmouth?

We still go to Iselin. Anything closer? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Though it's been a long time since we've been to Aangan, the food was always quite good. Nice ambiance. BYO. It's in Freehold, in the A&M Plaza, on Route 9 North.

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      We've been there too, though not since last February. It was quite good. They were very accomodating for vegetarians too. (I must add that the whole strip-mall thing was kinda scary, not being a NJ-ian.)

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        I like Aangan. We go a few times a year, always for the buffet. It's consistently good, fresh, nicely seasoned. They have a good selection of vegetarian dishes. There are two days when the buffet is a bit more elaborate -- more selection and they bring a tasty dosa to your table. I think it's Sunday lunch and Thursday dinner.
        You should know... the food has almost no spice-heat. Very good flavor, but not spicy. Another thing that bothers me: they take a long time to bring the naan to your table. The naan is always fresh and good, but you have to nag them for it.

        I'll mention Neelam in Middletown. It's nothing special, but the food is decent if you're in the immediate area. A mundane, reliable lunch buffet. It's the only Indian food for many miles. They don't have to try hard.

        There's an Indian place on Rt 34 in Matawan/Aberdeen -- not far from West Lake Chinese. I had their lunch buffet recently. It was decent, if you're in the area. I'd say it's slightly better than Neelam, but not nearly as good at Aangan.

      2. In addition to Aangan there is Neelam in Middletown and Tan door e (?) in Ocean. IMO Neelam varies widely from fantastic to mediocre, and tandoore is consistently mediocre. :)

        1. Up off of 9 there is a group of Indian grocery stores. It's right near Ernston Road near the water tower. You may be able to see a Indian Grocery Store from Ernston Road but that is it. There is one restaurants on the back side of the grocery store. You won't even be able to see it as you approach as it is on the backside and over a little incline. Neelams buys alot of his supplies from the grocery store and he told me about it and I have bought sweets from the Indian Store I belive it is called Patels. This link if you go to satellite might show the water tower and then from there you can see the grocery store at 9 O'clock which is where the stores, restaurants and I believe its a Indian Movie Rental place.

          Also if you type in the word Indian in the little "Find on the map" place it will show you exactly where I am talking about.

          1. Thanks Everyone. Love this site!