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Jun 12, 2007 05:33 PM

Lemon Cake Recipe?

I've been given the assignment of lemon cake for our family father's day celebration. The host was very specific -- she wants it cut into squares (but not lemon squares, a cake). So, no loaf pan recipes, no bundt pan recipes -- preferably a recipe that can be made in a 9 x 13 pan, since I have that already. Also, lots of recipes that I am finding online use some form of cake mix or pudding mix. I don't like cooking with mixes... Thanks for your help!

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  1. Not sure if this meets your criteria, but I make a sour lemon cake from one of Donna Hay's books that I think is terrific. The link below sounds like it...I only have the "Flavors" book at home and it's not in that one. Perhaps another Chowhound could check and confirm. The half-cups of sour cream and lemon juice are what I use, and superfine sugar is spot on too. I either make it an 8" square pan (as directed in the recipe) or a 9" round cake pan. Doubling the recipe should make your 9 x 13 pan. It's very lemony; not overly sweet.

    I add finely minced rosemary to Hay's recipe...not much, around a teaspoon or so for the single recipe. And I like to serve it with macerated fresh strawberries on top, with some of the juice dribbled on. Very nice this time of year when I'm getting fresh local berries where I am. Hope this helps. Have a great Father's Day celebration.

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        No frosting. I just top with the berries and some of their juices. I initially tried it when I was looking to do a dessert riff on a not-very-sweet strawberry/lemon muffin with rosemary that I'd had and liked a lot. So I wasn't in the market for any frosting. This delivered exactly what I was looking for and folks liked it, so I've continued to make it this way.

        I keep thinking blueberries would be good on it too, but as one of the people I cook for a lot is highly allergic to them, I've never gotten around to it. And that it would be fun to play around with mint or lavender, maybe tarragon, too. Ah, would that I had the time to cook everything I'd like to.

      2. I am big fan of the Ina Garten lemon cake. It always gets rave reviews.
        I have done it in a rectangular pan and it's still delicious (have also done it in a round cake pan).

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          Thanks for the reminder. I keep meaning to try Ina's lemon cake.

        2. Here is a link to a thread from May that contains PhoebeB's recipe for lemon pudding cake - it's great, cuts into squares when chilled, and no mixes involved.