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Jun 12, 2007 05:08 PM

"Cabbagetown Restaurant" is no more...what's next?

perhaps I will be a bit sad to see the demise of the crack dealers when a big chain restaurant goes into this prime patio spot....anyone know what the plans for for the corner of Parliament and Spruce? I see some big time demolition going on..a Terroni-style place would be great but I haven't heard any rumours...maybe it will just be a brand-new drug dealing location.

any gossip?

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  1. I haven't heard anything, yet, oddly, given how gossipy the'hood is. Actually, I thought that the "resto" a half block south was even yet dodgier! That one should have gone first.

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    1. re: hungry_pangolin

      Do you mean "Our/My Town" at Dundas? That place is terrible. I can't believe it manages to avoid being shut down.

      1. re: basileater

        No. Cabbagetown Restaurant was at Parliament and Spruce, across from the No Frills.

        1. re: hungry_pangolin

          No, I am referring to the other, still open, restaurant that you refer to with this comment: "I thought that the "resto" a half block south was even yet dodgier. That one should have gone first."

          1. re: basileater

            Ah, sorry, basileater - my misread. I know the one at Dundas (a mystery how that one has escaped closure). No, the one to which I was referring (I've forgotten the name) is on the same block as the defunct Cabbagetown Restaurant, east side of Parliament, south of Spruce, north of Gerrard. It seems to harbour a more actively, er... judiciable element than the Cabbagetown Restaurant ever did.

    2. The gentrification seems to take place north of Carlton only. I suspect, prime patio or not, it'll be yet another divey greasy spoon. If I hear or see anything resembling a clue I'll update.

      Now to make a liar of myself. They're putting in a Subway Sandwich at the northwest corner of Parliament & Queen.