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Jun 12, 2007 04:52 PM

Bronx sit-down Chinese?

I'm looking to go out for some delicious Chinese food in the Bronx on Friday night, in a nice atmosphere, and without coming out too poor... And I'd love some suggestions.

I'm most famliar with the Eastern and Northern Bronx, but I'm willing to drive around for something good. New Rochelle & lower Westchester are alright too.

I'm vegetarian but I'm going to be with meat-eaters, in case it really matters.

Thanks for any ideas!


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  1. Try the Golden Gate in Riverdale on johnson Ave. Old fashioned Chinese American restaurant. The foor is good. Search for them on this board and you'll get good recs.

    1. I went to Golden Gate today for lunch after reading about good reviews from this site. The food is excellent. Its nice to find a good old school place, unlike all the cookie-cutter take-out joints that are everywhere. Another good place to try is Green Dragon on East Tremont ave. in the Throggs Neck section.