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Jun 12, 2007 04:29 PM

Sunday subs in Seattle?

Anyone have a good idea on where we could get a tasty, easy sandwich-y type meal for take out for Father's Day? Long story but no one's up for cooking this weekend and we have accesss to a pool to lounge around and so want something low-key. My sister, who's suggestion this was, mentioned Subway and I'm going to pretend that I don't REALLY believe she meant SUBWAY-Subway and try to come up with something that will be easy AND tasty.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

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  1. Depends on whether you want something fancy or something blue collar but damn good. If you're looking for something blue-collar but good and messy then I recommend Fevre's Philadelphia Cheesesteaks on Madison by Capitol Hill.

    1. Other Coast Cafe in Ballard is open on Sundays and they make great subs, hot and cold.

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        I second the other coast. on sunday you may have to park a bit further away because of the sunday farmer's market but there you could pick up some fresh fruit or something to go with!

      2. If you'd consider a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, then I highly recommend Fevre's Cheesesteaks on Madison. Heart stoppingly good.

        1. run down to pike place market and get some fried chicken at chicken valley, some banh mi at the stand behind jack's fish spot and a variety of sandwiches at either michou's or dilaurenti's or beecher's cheese

          1. Tat's, in Pioneer Square
            Paseo, in Fremont - >>> Paseo is the go-to for takeout around our house. To-go "dinners" around ten bucks can't be beat.
            Pork tenderloin or chicken or fish (!) or tofu - all good
            with rice, beans, and salad.

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              Paseos is great, but I am pretty sure they are closed on sundays. I've always liked the "feve" and it is a good option. Baguette Box is also worth a try. If you are around Lake City, Tubs Subs does some nice sandwiches, nothing gourmet, but tasty as hell.