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Jun 12, 2007 03:56 PM

Need Romantic Anniversary Restaurant with no funny food

Hey all, I'm look for a really romantic restaurant for my wife and I on our upcoming anniversary. We're both a bit picky and are happy with a good steak, chicken, or some pasta for dinner. Not big fans of fish or any crazy french food, if you know what I mean. I really want this to be special, so I need a real romantic place that might be under $200 where we can celebrate our anniversary. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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  1. Crazy French food, eh? I guess you should go to Smith & Wollensky, then.

    1. Smith and Wollensky's romantic?
      I'd take Union Square Cafe any night. Amazing, warm service, great "NYC" vibe, fab food.
      Or what about the garden out back at Blue Hill (does it still have a garden?)
      Though they did serve me 'milk-fed' poultry when I was there last...

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      1. HI johnnybgood115,

        I think there were some similar questions about romantic restaurants, and it turned out that the perceptions of "romantic" differ vastly among hounds. I consider The River Cafe to be romantic because of the view of Brooklyn Bridge and the river at night, and most hounds agree that The River Cafe is one of the best places for romantic celebration. A bit upscale and expensive, but the food is very solid and good, contemporary french but nothing too crazy, and service is first-class.

        More a more "homey" and less formal type of romantic, I will suggest The Little Owl. The small cozy restaurant has the famous pork chops, chicken, and pasta which pretty match your requirements. Everything is very reasonably priced, so very doable within $200. However, reservation is very hard to get, so you may want to do it early!

        Congratulations on your anniversary, and hope you have a wonderful meal!

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          River Cafe might be a good choice (may stretch your budget a little especially if you get a bottle of wine or order a champagne toast). johnnybgood115, you might want to take a look at their menu on to make sure it's not too French/adventuress for you. Congratulations!

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            kobe and fdr,

            River Cafe's cuisine is considered New American, not French. The menu is on their website:

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              Thanks for the clarification (and posting the menu link for johnnybgood).

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                The view, while great, has to overcome a lot to make up for the overpriced food. Not to mention, the food at the River Cafe (according to friends that ate there a few weeks ago) was almost inedible. Little Owl is very good and cute. The "romance" atmosphere is very high at Provence - esp. in the garden. Check out:

                1. re: gooberett

                  My experience was different. We ate there recently and the food was very good (not "bleeding edge"). I believe it was around $75 pp for several courses. Agree you can find more interesting food for less in the city.