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Jun 12, 2007 03:51 PM

Umbria (espec. Todi) and Emilia Romagna Recs Please

Hi All,
My parents are going to the above regions this week and next and have asked me to please post this request for them. They're very devoted to regional cooking and, despite the fact that they just haven't quite gotten into this whole message board thing, they're devout chowhounders in their own right. They're willing to seek out the best, so please let me know of your suggestions: hole-in-the-wall to elegant and anything in between, as well as terrific outdoor markets. They're staying in Todi for a week and then going on to Emilia Romagna, though they're staying a few different hotels in the area and I'm afraid I'm not sure of the specific locations. They've been to many different parts of Italy but never to Umbria or Emilia Romagna and are eager to try the delicacies of these areas.
I don't think they want to break the bank, here, so no need to send ideas on anything more than $50-60pp, including wine. Any suggestions of favorite bakeries are very welcome as well.
Thanks, Hounds!
Brownie (from Home-Cooking and Mid-Atlantic)

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  1. Todi and its environs have many excellent choices. In the old town of Todi there is the Restorante Umbria, which has good umbiran food and fabulous views. get seated out on the terrace. also in Todi, there is Pane e Vino, family owned with charming setting and good food. Just outside Todi there is La Mulinella, frequented by locals with simple local food. about 10 minutes from todi, near the little village of Doglio there is the Agricultura, a farm with restaurant, and great chef. Also near Doglio there is the Agriturismo Monte Castello di Vibio. Finally about 20 minutes from Todi in the village of Grutti there is Le Noce. All these serve Umbrian dishes at reasonable prices. Order house wine. Enjoy!

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      We're also going to be outside of Todi in a week, so this is GREAT info! Thanks!! Do any of these need resvs? There may be 10 of us...

    2. We just arrived home from two weeks that had us staying in Venice, Ravenna, Urbino, Parma, and Bologna. I took copious notes and I'll be posting about our food experiences. Right now, it's after 2:00 a.m. body time, so I'm not up to writing much.

      Perhaps, by now, you're identified the specific towns where your parents will be visiting. If there's any overlap with our destinations in Emilia Romagna, let me know and I'll do those write ups first even though they occurred last in the trip.

      Incidentally, if your parents haven't made arrangments to spend the day with Parmagolossa touring the factories, see if they can make last minute arrangements to do so. The day we spent doing the Parmagolossa tour was one of the best things about our trip.

      Details to follow!