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Jun 12, 2007 03:01 PM

Jekyll Island Seafood

Hi! heading down to jekyll island this weekend. I'm in search of really great, fresh seafood. some place where i can get steamed crab legs, tons of shrimp, hushpuppies, etc. Would love a place where i can take the dog. any ideas?

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  1. I just stopped at Jekyll Sunday night. I was travelling 95 south and needed to spend the night somewhere, and I took a chance. I inquired at the only gas station on the island, just past the toll booth, and had Zachry's reccomended by the very friendly (yet oddly toothless) owner. Zachary's - 44 Beachview Drive, in a strip mall on the left, main road on to the island, left at the T, then on the left.
    I had "homemade" oyster stew ( ok, I can make better) and their fish of the day, mahi, grilled. You could have it blackened or broiled also, It came with a decent saled, a couple of hushpuppies and a cup of bland slaw. The fish was the star, very fresh and grilled perfectly. I would eat there again.
    Other reccomendations from the lady at the gas station was Seajay;s.
    I can't help with the dog, this really didn't seem to be Key West.

    1. You might want to try Latitude 31/Rah Bar on the Wharf. You can sit outside. Dog would fit in nicely. Great dingeness crab, shrimp and oysters from the Rah Bar. Music at night. However, most people passing through on this board prefer the choices over on St. Simon Island, if you have a choice.

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        thanks, that sounds like a good choice. this weekend is all about relaxing, so we're going to keep the driving to a minimum (especially on the toll road to SSI). thanks for the suggestion!

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          Well, there's nothing much to do on JI but relax. The Rah Bar has good margaritas and someone was slurping a refreshing looking daquiri when we were there last week.
          The Sweet Shop has decent ice cream. Based on Tee's review we'd probably give Zachary's a try for dinner if we go again. Would be my pick if you were staying anywhere else but the JIC Hotel.

          1. re: batdown

            The only toll road is onto Jekyll. St Simons has not had tolls since the G8. I have heard Seajays does lowcountry boil.