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Jun 12, 2007 02:57 PM

Barcelona 1st visit Report and questions for follow up visit


Thank you to all of you who posted. I loved Pintox in Boqueria and I agree that it is a must for any foodie. Boqueria was also a highlight and I convinced my group of slightly picky eaters to spread out and come back with 1 food stuff to combine into a large al fresco dinner. It was delighful. We also stopped in at Venice to try the NYTIMES so-called best sandwich in the world. The bread was excellent with a very cripsy crust and the jamon iberico was also very good. I slathered mine in mustard, not to everyone's taste, but it was delicious with a cold beer on our hotel terrace. Some of my companions added cheese to their Venice sandwiches from our collection of cheeses from Boqueria.
We also went to La Taxidermista because we were on Las Ramblas and hungry. I shared a very reasonably priced bottle of cava with a companion and had the hummus and olives. The hummus was perfect and not at all runny. The olives were good, though I preferred the spicey olives I picked up at Boqueria.
We had seafood down at the beach but it was not as memorable as I would have liked.

I am returning to Barcelona in two weeks and would love some feedback. We are there from Friday June 29th-Tuesday July 3rd.

We are planning a lunch at Cal Pep on Saturday June 30th (bad time? Sunday better?) and an anniversary dinner at Pasadis del Pep on Monday night. We would like to have one really delicious seafood lunch or dinner down by the water. Can someone recommend something? We will go back to Pintox definitely, and I would like to try Romesco because one of you recommended it. Beyond that we have a kitchen in our apartment and will just be hitting up Boqueria as often as possible.

Thank you all for all of your information.


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  1. When I was there last year, Cal Pep wasn't open for lunch - better check!

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      Really? I thought I read a few recommendations to go there before it opens and line up in advance for lunch?

    2. Just a correction for those who might visit in the future: the NYT sandwich you refer to is at Vienna, not Venice.

      For a seafood dinner, I'll recommend what I always do here: Can Ros. It's not on the water, but across the street from it.

      Address: ALMIRALL AIXADA, 7, Barceloneta

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      1. (even with a map I get lost)

        I tried finding Romesco, but either it's closed, or it's really, really well hidden when it's not open.

        today, I will try to find "Aguillers" in El Born again, I walked in front of it couple of days ago; I heard and read that it's at least the same quality than Cal Pep, without the crowd.

        I also liked Tapa Ç24, funky little basement modern tapas bar on Disputacio, 259), you have to look for it ( just right of paseig the gracia when looking away from the sea).

        And avoid "Vynia Roel", the food was ok, but at least twice as expensive as other places, blasé waiting staff, and even if they are a "wine" restaraurant, they only have 6 or so wines by the glass; the ither restaraurant by the same group "Paco Remalgo" or something like that looked like more fun.

        anyway, more complete BCN report when I get back in 10 days (after Madrid and Sevilla)

        1. Not by the water, but I can't say enough good things about Commerc 24, especially their cuttlefish dishes. It was the highlight of our trip.

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            Commerc 24 was the highlight of my trip too. Do not miss this one. Also, try to sit at the counter at CAl Pep....really great. YOu must get there bread they is covered with these amazing tomatoes. I fogot the name...Bagn tomat...or something like that

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              It's called pa amb tomáquet, Catalunya's most standard side dish, and sometimes the focus of a meal.

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                that's it! thanks so much. I loved that stuff

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              And this is not at all food related, except there are restaurants at the top. If you rent a car try to find the road mulins del rei, it is in the southern part of the city and winds it way up the mountains surrounding the city towards Tibidalbo and then you can take another little road up to Tibidalbo (there are signs). It was really beautiful you got excellent views of the city there are a lot of pull offs and the church and view from Tibidalbo are excellent. We spent a day touring wine country then took this road on the way home there is an exit from the beltway with the road name. It was really a pretty drive if you have a car. The restuarants on top there weren't open when we were there, but looked like they might be nice because they had patios overlooking the city. Then there is a road down to the center of the city so you don't have to drive it all the way back out. Wine country and this drive was another favorite of ours it was just a nice day.