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Jun 12, 2007 02:29 PM

Montreal food writer in London for one night

I've been reading about London restaurants for days and can't make up my mind.
Where should I eat ? I'm in London only for one dinner.
My preference would be a one Michelin star (or two) restaurant that shows the best of new British cuisine.
What do you think ?

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  1. I'd plump for Magdalen ( It claims to be doing French food but I think it's actually New English now. They do a similar thing at Arbutus (1 Michelin star in Soho) but I think Magdalen's definitely better. If you haven't eaten at St John ( that might be worth a look as it's where the current style has its roots.

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      Howard's right. If you have one meal and want to see the way that food is going in London you need to see one of the "school of St John" places

      St John itself is looking a bit weary these days though still capable of a wonderful meal but, I would try one of Magdalen, Anchor & Hope or Great Queen St ( new from the people who opened Anchor & Hope)

      All will give you things you can't find outside the UK

      If they have the Veal & Trotter Pie on at Magdalen, offer your first born to get a piece


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