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Jun 12, 2007 02:24 PM

Daughters Cafe Reno NV

Wonderful surprise to visit this beautiful restaurant today, in a restored old house on 1st and Bell, a few blocks east of Keystone, in downtown Reno. I had a wonderful lunch, every bite was delicious. I had a spanakopita kind of entree, with wonderful asparagus and kind of a greek vegetable sautee. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dessert from 7-9pm in the evening. They have a beautiful patio and I really appreciated the beautiful roses. Closed Mondays. They just opened this past Friday.

The warmth and beauty of the environment, the delicious food, and the really inviting waitstaff were greatly appreciated by me and my friend!

This is a true Reno treasure.

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  1. Wow!!! Not only had I not ever heard of this place (which has to be within a mile or two of my house if its a few blocks east of Keystone), but I'd never even heard of Bell St!!!

    Does Bell run parallel to the "number" streets or perpendicular? Which one is it closest to??

    Too bad the online menu didn't have prices....can you estimate what you paid for lunch? The menu looks great!! Corn fritters...yum!! This is definitely on my list for a lunch near me soon!!

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      Hi Janet!
      It is perpendicular to 1st. If you are driving east on first, it on the south side. My lunch was $8.00. I am really happy this place is around! I am eager to try other meals there and the dessert evenings.

    2. Interesting! The website makes it look like they serve a fixed meal - is that the case or can you order whatever you want from the menu?

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        When I was there, there were only two lunch items on the menu, and some breakfast items. I don't know what their plans are regarding the menu, but I know I'll be back to check it out!