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Jun 12, 2007 02:18 PM

Brunch near Brooklyn Civil Court on Adams Street

I'm beeing admitted to the bar tomorrow and the ceremony is tomorrow morning. I'm looking for a nice place for brunch nearby, within walking distance preferred.

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  1. I think Miriam on Court Street serves breakfast/brunch. Call first. Cafe Luluc on Smith is also good for breakfast. Congratulations.

    1. Congrats! Is the ceremony at the Appellate Division on Monroe Place? If you're not looking for any place too fancy you could try Teresa's at 80 Montague St. (near Hicks St.), which is a short two block walk and has outdoor seating. If you're being sworn in at 360 Adams St. (?) still a short three+ block walk. Also maybe Eamonns on Montague St., which is a block away on Montague and Clinton Sts. Otherwise, pretty slim weekday 'brunch' pickings in the immediate vicinity.

      1. Congratulations!

        The Brooklyn Marriott has a lovelely restaurant, Archives. They have a great buffet Lunch, Brunch. Delicious food at a good price, and quite festive for a celebration.