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Jun 12, 2007 02:18 PM

Grandma's Pots : Keep or Throw Out

Ok here is my dilemma. I am moving at the end of this month and I found a box of pots that my Grandmother had given me. Worth keeping or throw out? Here is the list of brands:

San Ignacio - Made in Spain - Cobalt blue on outside with white enamel on inside. There are two of these a small (1/2 quart) pot and a 1-2 qt pot with lids. Handles still seem sturdy.

JMP Sweet Flowers - Made in Spain - Creamy white outside with w/ yellow and orange flowers on it with a white enamel inside. There are 3 sizes - sm/med/lg all with lids. Handles are a bit loose. Reminds me of the 70's - 80's style.

Hawthorne Waterless Cookware - 2qt. - Stainless steel looking with black lid knob and handle. Seems sturdy but looking really worn.

Are these give away or donate pots?

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  1. The enamels you might try selling on E-bay, I'll bet there is someone out there lookng for those to complete their set. Donate the Hawthorne, get a receipt.

    1. Depends partly of what they're made of.

      1. Depends partly on what they're made of. If the enameled pans seem fairly heavy and thick, they're probably cast iron and should work fine. If they're light, they're probably inespensive thin steel, which is not the metal of choice.

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          They are definately not CI ...they are much lighter...I use CI for my everyday cooking.

        2. Keep San Ign and JMP; donate the Hawthorne. You can easily screw the handles back in the JMP.
          And, I bet you'll love cooking with your Grandmother's pots, as the years go by. I do.

          1. They'll boil water a little faster than heavier stuff, so keep one around for when you want to make a cup of tea. Also, the smaller ones are a good way to carry water to your plants. Otherwise, give them to the Salvation Army.