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Jun 12, 2007 02:09 PM

Best Middle Eastern in Atlantic Avenue Area/BH

Years ago there used to be a fabulous place on Henry Street called Fattoush that made their bread and mind-blowing sandwiches with grilled veggies/meat middle eastern style. Don't know if this place is still running or any good? Any one know

Better yet, where would you steer me for fantastic middle eastern food in the area? Living in LA right now we get fabulous Lebanese/Armenian food so I am looking something that is particularly NYC spun middle eastern food.

Much obliged for your suggestions.

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  1. My boss will probably fire me if I spend one more minute on chowhound, so I'm dashing off a quick response. Atlatnic Avenue is still a good place to start: Sahadi's, Damascus Bakery, Waterfalls Cafe, Yemen Cafe, etc. Also Zaytoons on Smith Street, down near Sackett.

    1. Fatoush is still there and still good.

      1. I went to Bedouin Tent on Atlantic once and thought it was excellent.

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          Also wanted to give shout-out for Bedouin Tent. Three of us (from my office) went to lunch there yesterday, and it was great. The roast lamb was very moist (unlike at a lot of other places); the hummus, baba, salads, etc. were all very fresh. Also, at this time of year, it was really pleasant to sit in the little outdoor courtyard.