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Jun 12, 2007 02:07 PM

Cordis Brother's Supper Club and dad-friendly spots?

Anyone been there yet? I am thinking of heading there next week and wanted to hear some feedback. I have heard only good stuff so far.

I have my Dad in from out of town and it seemed like a great spot for him. Other Dad friendly suggestions? I am 29 and love anything new and any kind of food, and he is in his mid-50's and likes to eat out, but is a midwestern guy who likes steaks and fairly basic food.

So, other suggestions?

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    1. re: Chargenda

      I'd suggest Custom House. It's got great food, but you can also get steaks that won't challenge the unadventurous. By the way, I'm a "Dad" in my early 50s, and this is where I took my father and mother in law (close to 80), because they are more cautious eaters. Same sort of thing as you, just a generation removed.

    2. Gale Street Inn in Jeff. Park.
      Sabatino's in Old Irving.
      Good solid service, good solid food.
      Gale street makes a good steak.
      Sabatino's is good Italian.

      1. thanks for the suggestion, but still no cordis brothers feedback? I can't believe nobody has been there yet!

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        1. re: Chargenda

          Did you like Cordis Brothers Supper Club?

          1. re: Chargenda

            A friend has been there a few times and has nothing bad to report. He said their lasange was amazing. He and my sister went once and she had a few issues. Firstly, no baked potatoes on the menu. When they asked one of the owners why, they were told it was because he didn't like baked potatoes. Umm, what? And then he went into something about them being a cost problem... so that was odd.

            Secondly, she ordered prime rib and both the prime rib and the au jus that came with it were cold. When she sent it back the prime rib had been heated up but the au jus was not.

            Thirdly, it's kind of pricey for what it is. I've looked at the web-site and there's just nothing there that grabs me enough to go on in.

            I will say, however, that they hired some of the former personnel back, and for that I must give them kudos.

          2. Thanks. I made it there and don't think I will make it back. The food was decent, but nothing really wowed me. Nice environment, good service, but I had a couple of issues with the food. I ordered the filet and they gave it to my friend who ordered the baseball steak. The "relish tray" was three breadsticks with three different spreads, not the fun stuff I heard about before and the salad couldn't have been more boring. It is overpriced, I think. Perhaps I got too excited about the concept, but I wouldn't suggest this spot.