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Jun 12, 2007 02:01 PM

Best Bottled Wing Sauce

What do you all think is the best brand of bottled hot wing sauce?

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  1. I am partial to Texas Pete "Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Barbecue Sauce." I have no idea why it's called barbecue sauce.

    It has a good mix of flavor and heat.

    1. Surely we can get some more input on such a "hot" topic. Frank's, of course, is the classic and the most famous. But I'm curious about some of the more obscure brands out there and if they're any good?

      1. I use the Texas Pete sauce, and I also like the Hooter's 3 Mile island for a little extra zip. I like mixing texas pete with sweet chili sauce (the thai stuff, not the hotdog stuff) when I want something a little different.

        1. Defcon sauces are my favorite prepared wing sauce. They have all kinds of Scovie awards and Fiery Food Challenge ribbons. Just heat it through, mix it with your wings and serve.

          Defcon 2 is plenty hot but you can go hotter if you wish.

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            1. I have just tired two sauces from Wings To Go, a restaurant franchise company from MD, Hot and Homicide and both were very good. The Hot was as it should be , hot not burning but the homicide was Heat in a bottle plus it had very good taste. Your mind was "don't touch that stuff again" but you taste buds were saying"but it taste so good" I want to try the other sauces they list on the web but I live to far from any of the units to visit them.