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Jun 12, 2007 01:48 PM

FUN Downtown Seattle Restaurant for Group of 30?

Any faves for large groups that has good food, and is fun?

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  1. Gordon Biersch does a private room for larger groups. The set menu price includes beer (at which point you can make your own fun). The food is okay, but not stellar and probably not up to CH standards.

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      Brasa has a great happy hour and the space is pretty large and lively.

    2. not sure how "fun" it is, but Troiani has a private room with a "garden" view. For something more casual, you could try Umi.

      1. steelhead diner in the market has a private room that can accomodate 30 either seated or mingling.

        1. Check out Purple on University and 4th. I believe they have a large room upstairs behind the bar.

          1. It's not outstanding food, but I know Palisades has a private room that you could probably seat 30 in. It's got a great view of the water and it's close to downtown. Nothing out of the ordinary, but you would be able to have a room to yourselves.