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Jun 12, 2007 01:47 PM

MSP-GPS and Food

This may be a weird post but I live in the western suburbs and have a hard time finding my way around minneapolis where most of the good resturants are. I got a Magellan 3100 car GPS unit but the POI database is only 750,000 so many of the best resturants aren't on the unit. Does anyone out there with a nice Garmin unit have all of the resturants or are there many missing like mine?

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  1. My Prius has a GPS. It has some interesting quirks as far as what makes it into the database and what doesn't. The entire 48th & Chicago nexus is missing except for Sovereign Grounds. Pretty much nothing in southwest Nokomis shows up except for Binh Minh. Then, of course, there's the timeliness issue. My DVD is about three years old now, so if anyone needs directions to Aquavit or the n.e.thyme cafe, just give me a call. :)

    1. I may be totally wrong here but my husband has a GPS unit built into his Acura RL and he got some sort of upgrade with all the Zagat guide rated restaurants in the country. Now we're able to search by cuisine, location, reviews, phone number, etc. Is something like that available for your unit? It's really wonderful.

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        Sounds cool, Kate. I haven't seen any upgrade like that offered for the Prius. I'm expecting that they'll be willing to sell me a DVD that at least has more current listings.

      2. We've got a Garmin Nuvi and I believe it has a POI database of about 6 million points for the country. We're thrilled with the unit both in terms of navigation and in terms of finding eats on road trips (we got it right before a 12 day cross country drive and managed to avoid chains most of the way....except for Sonic...but we meant to find those). As a piece of hardware, its only drawback is that it sometimes takes several minutes to lock in a satellite signal when it is first turned on. So long as you think about it ahead of time, no problem, but kind of annoying if you're jumping in the car to go somewhere and want to get moving quickly.

        As for more things about restaurants, its got an SD card slot and there is a card you can get that has restaurant reviews in addition to locations (I think Frommer's maybe). I haven't used it though and from looking at reviews on Amazon, its very location dependent in terms of usability.