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Jun 12, 2007 01:41 PM

Gelato in the North End

I'm going to dinner with my boyfriend in the North End on Saturday night and thought instead of having dessert at the restaurant we would walk around and get gelato (or go to Mike Pastries).

Where/what are the best gelato places in the North End? We tend to like places with interesting flavors but delicious gelato will win out any time!


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  1. Actually, Mikes serves Gelato, but there may be a line on Saturday night. Right up the street on Hanover St. is a place called the Gelateria that has a great selection of flavors.

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    1. re: mouths2feed

      Gelateria is MUCH better for gelato than Mike's. Also, if it's a cannoli you want, you're better off at Modern than Mike's, IMHO.

      Also, Lulu's makes great cupcakes, and has an excellent selection of cakes by the slice. They're all on Hanover St.

      1. re: winedude

        Sold when you said cupcakes! So Lulu's has gelato AND cupcakes??

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          Lulus does not have gelato, but I agree with wine dude that their cupcakes are amazing! Try their Red Velvet one.

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            I've had mixed experieces with Lulu's cupcakes - sometimes great, sometimes too dry. They make an awesome caramel -- anything with it is great e.g. the turtle cheesecake.

    2. Gelateria - the gelati can be good, but it does vary from flavour to flavour. I really like their grapefruit, hazelnut and toasted almond, have been less wowed by other flavours.

      Many places serve (iirc) Sapori di Napoli, imported from Naples by the guys at Napoli Pastry. It used to be great, lately it's just been good. Tiramisu is a favourite but I'd also look for the melon and green apple flavours. Haven't been in a while but imho totally worth checking out again. Napoli Pastry is actually a pretty cool place to hang out - it's essentially like a cafe in Italy, with beer wine and cordials in addition tothe usual espresso drinks.

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        Gelateria seems to have a problem with consistency among their flavors. Had two types a few weeks ago and one was just ok - vanilla - and one was downright wrong - something chocolaty and nutty. Got the vanilla cause the rest of the flavors looked really mealy. As the summer gets warmer, I'm sure the turnover will help keep the gelato fresh.

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          I love the grapefruit as well at Gelateria, along with the green apple. It tastes like actual FRUIT instead of green apple flavoring.