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Jun 12, 2007 01:32 PM

What's for dinner? I'm Hungry for ideas!


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  1. Gee taco, Taco's are always good. :-)
    I make them so many different ways, one of my newest favorites.
    Zatarahn's (or your own) red beans and rice
    add a pound of cooked ground beef. mix together
    spread on warm tortillas, add cheese, salsa, sour cream
    fresh tomatoes, black olives, and just about anything else you'd like.

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      We had tacos last night--here's how I did it.

      I had the Mexican butcher up in Storm Lake cut me up some "diezmillon" beef (I don't know exactly what cut that is, but it's what he says is best for tacos. I marinated it in the juice of one lime mixed with a cube of achiote verde a little bigger than a dice, then just fried it up in a cast-iron skillet. After it was done I warmed some corn tortillas in a skillet and filled them (I use two tortillas for each taco, just because that's the way I like them) with the meat, a little chopped onion, some fresh guacamole and some cotija cheese. Served them with refried beans that had more chopped onion mixed in.

    2. grilled talapia, corn, red onion and tomato salsa.

      1. Just finished dinner. We had grilled lamb- marinated in Fage yogurt and lots of garlic. For vegatables- vidalia onion, yellow squash, grape tomatoes with a bit of butter, S/P a squirt of lemon juice, and the first thyme from my garden . Into tin foil, and onto the grill. This weekend, I par boiled some small red potatoes- onto a skewer, basted with garlic infused oil- and onto the grill. Simple to make, so tasty, and no pots and pans to clean!

        1. Dry rubbed prawns with coriander, cumin, paprika, garlic powder, S&P.
          Oyster mushrooms tossed with chilie oil.
          Toss everything on the grill. In a small sauce pan reduce OJ, ginger, garlic, cilantro and a touch of honey.

          That's my dinner tonight :)