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Jun 12, 2007 01:04 PM

Quintessential SoHo Brunch/Lunch Spot(s)

Hey Fellow CH'ers,

What are your top 5 recs? I'm looking for an open air local fave that captures the nabe's vibe as a crossroads for both new and old world culinary delights and treasures and that can accommodate parties of 6 or more. Thanks in advance for your helpful suggestions!


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  1. It's not a neighborhood that we dine in very often, but we've been to Le Jardin Bistro, albeit not recently. Good food and very nice garden. If you do a search, you'll probaby find other Hounds who like it.

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      I love is an old standby. The garden is wonderful...and they serve Italian. I havent been there in a while... I also used to love Zoe. They have great burgers!!!MY all time fav brunch spot is Balthazar...great scene, people watching. IT can be pricey

    2. oh....and the cupping room is really cozy...Not sure if it is still open

      1. the best brunches in soho are:
        jane - w houston st - you can book on open table. it's very very good, but it's not open air
        balthazar - spring st - book well in advance for 6, also not open air.
        dos caminos - w houston and w broadway - mod mexican brunch, with big outdoor terrace.
        public - not really soho, more nolita, but same vibe. very interesting asian pacific menu.
        jerry's dinner - prince st. - THE soho diner, also not open air though.

        if you really want open air, there are lots and lots of pavement cafes around, but most don't take bookings.

        1. Except for the fact that it's a few blocks out of the neighborhood, NohoStar fits the rest of the bill.